Product Review: Green Garden Gold Hemp CBD Massage Cream

Who doesn't love a massage? This week myself and my lucky reviewers got to test out Green Garden Golds Good Day Hemp Oil, coconut oil massage cream! This body massage cream is packed with 75 mg of high CBD hemp oil and comes in a 2 oz squeezable bottle. Made with 100% Organic hemp and coconut oil and is available at

Massage has long been known and utilized for relaxing and assisting in the bodies healing process.  Our reviewers found that CBD, in their experience, also assisted greatly in their bodies recovery and relaxation.  Recent studies suggest and attempt to quantify just exactly how much CBD can do for us while much of the research shows promising results in CBD's ability to aid joint and muscle health.  Don't forget the added relaxation!


Experience & Application: 9/10

Green Garden Golds Hemp Oil Cream with 75 mg of CBD:

Reviewers loved that this products packaging and size made it easy to travel with; Even on a plane!

The cream itself was noted to moisturize but also create a smooth and comfortable area for massage.

The Chocolate Mint scent is both crisp, luxurious and never overpowering.


Effectiveness 10/10:

This product was raved about for its quick and relaxing effects.  Reviewers appreciated how small an amount was needed to soothe troubled areas. Long lasting supple skin is also an added bonus for this power packed massage oil.  All in all reviewers loved this product and can't wait to see more from Discover CBD and Green Garden Gold!



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