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Product Review: Sweet Treats with RxCBD Swedish Ginger Cookies

Posted by Heidi Turpen on

Brownie points, or should I say Cookie points?  My reviewers love me this week even more!  Discover CBD has high dose (12mg) RxCBD Swedish Ginger Cookies.  Just like Grandma used to make these perfectly spiced cookies vanish off the shelves!  Available for purchase and shipping in all 50 states, this product like everything else at is a knock out!  Not only did my reviewers gobble these tasty treats up, they shared why they love them so much.

Taste/Experience 10/10:
Individuals were immediately drawn to the smooth and simple packaging of RxCBD Swedish Ginger Cookies.

Once opened the reviewers noted the pleasurable, and fresh aroma of fresh-baked cookies.

Sweet, and mouth watering these cookies are soft and a pleasure to eat.

Ginger fills your nostrils as you cant help but smile as you take your first bite.  With 12 mg of CBD this cookie could last more than one sitting.  Desired effects of CBD are reached quickly and smoothly with this well crafted edible.

Effectiveness 9/10:
Reviewers started with 1/2 of one RxCBD Swedish Ginger Cookie to get a feel for how powerful this little gem is.

As noted reviewers experienced relaxation, a calm and clear mind, and clear sense of motivation.

Reviewers noted, lessened or complete alleviated chronic pain they usually experience.

An overall sense of well-being, comfort, and happiness was noted from all reviewers.

CBD is not new; the extraction, research and isolated practice of taking CBD is new. Curiosity and education on CBD is important to recognize and utilize this amazing substance!  Read's blog and get familiar with products, reviews, legislation, and so much more.  Sign up for the newsletter and stay as up to date as possible on news, and everything in the world of CBD! Question or comments?  Contact Discover CBD and get an answer as soon as your question or comment is received!

Stay tuned to for more product reviews every week!  Check out everything CBD has to offer! Everything is available for purchase and shipping in all 50 states!

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