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1100 mah EVOD Vape pen

Posted by Heidi Turpen on

Vaping, a new and exciting alternative to smoking. From the very beginning vaping has been used to quit tobacco, and also just for fun and enjoyment!

My review team was so excited to have the opportunity to test out this brand new EVOD vape pen from


This new EVOD vape pen comes in 4 colors; Blue, Green, White and Black.

Included with the pen is a USB charger cord

Right out of the package reviewers noted, the silky smooth finish that just begs to be held.

With only one button the pen is extremely easy to use; push 5 times to turn pen on.

Press and hold button down while inhaling from the mouth piece and it's that easy

A blue-lighted ring around the button identifies when the pen is on, working, and when you turn it off.

Testers hit the ground running before even needing instruction!

Filling the EVOD Vape Pen is just as easy as unscrewing the battery, then unscrewing the heating element from the cartridge.

E-Juice such as Cannatropix 100 mg CBD vape juice is easily added to this pen, just fill the cartridge along the outer walls!

Users were very pleased with ease and practical application of this pen!

Function/Use: 10/10

With the pens now filled and ready to go reviewers loved the smooth and full bodied vapor that this EVOD pen produced!

Availible at for just $24.99, this pen is a steal!

Charges lasted days with this little guy!

The use of CBD E-Juice also added to the craze for this product.

Delivery and functionality of this pen set it apart for many users

Over all this pen was a hit! User's were left asking if they could keep it!  Using CBD E-Juice is a double win with this pen, a smooth satisfying vapor is all the more gratified by the reported benefits of CBD! 

Have fun with your Vaping! Try out this silky, smooth, and did I mention affordable EVOD Vape Pen from! Questions and comments are always welcome! Contact and your questions and comments will be answered as soon as received. 


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Heidi Lynne


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