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Chris' 13 Trees CBD-infused Coffee Review

Posted by Chris Howard on

One of my favorite uses for CBD is to alleviate the effects of over-caffeination. I love the way a 10mg dose of cannabidiol mellows out my experience of the caffeine, freeing me up to be productive and focused without the anxious jitters I usually experience with coffee.

I always take my coffee blended with coconut oil--my non-dairy take on the butter coffee trend that has gained momentum in recent years. If you haven’t tried it at least once, you might want to give it a shot.

Because they’ve merged my preferences for butter coffee, cannabidiol, and local small business, I was very excited to try 13 Trees CBD-infused coffee. 13 Trees is based in Manitou Springs, Colorado. They offer butter-infused coffee with and without CBD as both whole beans and k-cups.

13 Trees Whole Bean Coffee

Here’s my take on their whole bean CBD-infused coffee.

Upon opening the bag, I was struck by the rich, dark aroma of butter and coffee - no surprise there. Grinding with a standard electric grinder went smoothly.

I brewed up the beans in my trusty drip coffee maker - not my ideal method, but very convenient. I’ll generally use one rounded spoonful per cup of water, but for these batches I went more concentrated, using about 1.5 rounded spoonfuls per cup, which resulted in a strong, full-flavored brew.


Coffee, CBD-infused whole bean coffee


To each cup of coffee I added one tablespoon of MCT oil and blended well - I love the creamy taste of coffee prepared this way, and I feel that it smooths out the energy spike and the crash. This is perfect for me, because I’m highly sensitive to caffeine’s effects. Even without taking this extra step, the butter infused in these beans should have a similar effect as the MCT oil that I add. 

The taste was delightful - bright and full-bodied, with just a hint of butter. I hadn’t consumed any caffeine for about a week prior to testing this product, and found that two cups landed me into that heroic bliss zone in which I begin projects in many different areas and actually believe I’ll finish them all (I didn’t). It was a productive morning, anyway.

I didn’t find the CBD aspect to be particularly noticeable, but it was a delicious coffee I would gladly drink anytime. This wasn’t at all surprising to me, as my body doesn’t seem to absorb cannabinoids well when I take them orally. For daily use, I generally stick to tinctures that I can take sublingually, as I’ve found these to have a more pronounced and immediate effect for me. Talking to coworkers and customers, I may be in the minority here, as plenty of people feel that they get great effects from ingested CBD.

I feel that the quality matches the price; doing a little comparison shopping, I found some other brands with higher price tags and lower CBD content in the same amount of coffee. The ingredients in the CBD butter-infused beans I reviewed are fair trade & organic Colombian coffee beans, pasteurized cream, and pink Himalayan sea salt.

The verdict: This is a truly delicious, satisfying coffee. The butter and salt definitely come through in the light and mellow flavor. It’s also a reasonably good value vs its competition. While the CBD wasn't particularly noticeable to me, it's likely that others would find more benefit from it, especially if they've had success with edibles or capsules

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