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Hemp Hookahzz Pink Diva E-Juice, Vape oil review.

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Hemp Hookahzz Pink Diva E-Juice, Vape oil review.

Today we are reviewing Hemp Hookahzz Pink Diva flavored E-Juice.  This CBD E-Juice vape oil comes in 10ml bottles with 40mgs of CBD and can be bought at for $17.49.  There are other Pink Diva flavored E-Juice products with other mgs of CBD such as an 18mg version and a 24mg version. We only carry the highest mg of CBD for the maximum benefit CBD has to offer and the 40mg version is what we are reviewing today.

Packaging 10/10

This vape oil has a nice label that says very clearly the flavor, the mgs of CBD, the nicotine content (O mg in our case, we sell no nicotine products), and any other ingredients. This E-juice comes in a compact bottle that is child resistant so you have to push in and twist, much like a prescription bottle before it will open.  Having a child resistant top is really great because it keeps the little ones from opening something that smells good and fruity, like candy.  The child resistant top is also good because it keeps the bottle from accidentally opening in your pocket, something that we have experienced with other E-juice varieties.  The one downside we see with this packaging is if you have severe arthritis, or some other ailment that effects your hands, this bottle might be more difficult to open and you might want to opt for a Green Garden Gold E-Juice or another brand that is easier to open.

The second very obvious thing we noticed as soon as we took off the cap was that it had a great tip for injecting the E-Juice into the vape pen (we are using Hemp Hookahzz brand EVOD 650mah vape pen for this review, $15.99 at  This “injection” tip is really great because it makes it very easy for inserting the E-Juice into the vape pen without any wasted E-Juice ending up in your lap or on the side of the pen which, we have also experienced with other CBD E-Juice vape oils.

Overall the packaging seemed very well thought out and is very functional for its intended purpose.  Between the child resistant cap and the “injecting” tip, this is top notch packaging from Hemp Hookahzz.  We give this a 10/10 rating for packaging.

Taste and overall vaping experience 9/10

Right off the bat you open this bottle and it has a smell of strawberry/cherry bubblegum: very fruity, very good smelling.  We were excited to taste the vapor produced from this amazing smelling E-Juice! After the first hit we realized that the original smell is carried into the taste of the vapor as well.  This Pink Diva E-juice produced large fluffy clouds of vapor that tasted incredible.  The vapor shifted away from the smell a bit because the vapor is more bubblegum than anything else but not overwhelming at all and very pleasurable. This E-Juice vape oil produced the perfect vape cloud every time, right down to the last little bit of juice in the pen.  The vape cloud doesn’t smell much like anything, just a tinge of sweetness but not much else and which is nice because it’s unlikely to offend anyone around you.

While the clouds of vapor are large and the flavor is great, the inhale is smooth and doesn’t choke you up or leave you gasping for air.  This could be helped by the fact that the Hemp Hookahzz EVOD vape pen is very nice as well but, either way the overall experience was very smooth and not harsh at all.

One concern, the flavor is very reminiscent of bubble gum. If you do not like sweet bubble gum flavors then this is definitely not the CBD E-juice for you.  Personally we loved it!

Effect 8/10

When we’re talking about Cannabidiol (CBD) products the effect is what we're all after, right?  Well, maybe not all of us, but most of us are.  We have some good news here too, one of our employees testing this E-juice had really bad nausea before she started testing this CBD E-Juice vape oil and it was entirely gone after 5-6 puffs of this Pink Diva E-Juice.  The other most notable side effect was a calming sensation and general sense of well-being, perfect for anxiety.  These are the typical side effects associated with CBD, or Cannabidiol, so this really comes as no surprise to us here at

The effect of this CBD oil is definitely inviting and has been very effective in providing our desired result.  However: this CBD E-juice is not as strong as just straight CBD oils such as other RSHO gold, Pharma, or PlusCBD syringes we have tried.

Overall 9/10

Overall our Hemp Hookahzz “Pink Diva” CBD E-Juice review confirms this is an excellent product and averaged a 9/10 when we reviewed the packaging, the taste/experience and the effect.  If you are looking for a CBD E-Juice that is professionally packaged, tastes awesome and provides an overall fantastic experience, this a great CBD product for you. We can say one thing for sure, since we started testing this flavor the vape pen hasn’t been set down, and we are loving it. (And no, we are not kidding!)

There are lots of other products at for us to review and we are excited to be testing these products for everyone. Next week we will be reviewing the Hemp Hookahzz EVOD pens and in the following weeks and months the other Hemp Hookahzz E-Juice vape flavors.  You can sign up for our newsletter or just keep visiting the blog on the website to see all the reviews of the CBD products as they come out.  We have plans on doing a new review every week so stay tuned!

Review for Hemp Hookahzz Pink Diva 40mg CBD E-Juice Vape oil for $17.49 from

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