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Given that the Pharma CBD Oil Gold is one of the biggest sellers here at we figured it was about time we spotlighted it and did a solid review for all to see.

The Pharma CBD Oil Gold is manufactured by Hemp Health Incorporated and is made in 15.9% CBD, 17% CBD and 25% CBD.  Today we will be reviewing the 25% version but it's safe to say that the other percentages are probably going to act very similar to the 25% just without as strong of effects.


Packing 9/10

The packaging on this product is pretty simple. The box is very clear what is inside the oil, 250 mg CBD inside the 1 gram syringe. They even give you a suggested use for the product, which is helpful for those who are new to CBD. The Pharma CBD 25% Gold Oil comes in a push syringe for easy application. When ordering this product you also get a complimentary silicone, stick free, jar if you are ordering the "dabs" version rather than the syringe.  The jars could be helpful if you are using the Pharma CBD 25% Gold Oil for topical application or to DAB.  The downside to the jars is if you are putting this in your pocket or purse it could open easily. Also remember that the oil gets thinner with heat so if you are putting it in your pocket you are already at risk of it leaking through the syringe or jar. Overall we feel like this packaging is clear and informational giving it a 9/10.


Taste and Experience 9/10

There are a few different applications for this oil. You can use it sublingually (oral), topically, and/or DAB. When you first smell this oil, it smells like tea herbs coated with honey.


Sublingual- Using the sublingual application, the taste resembles the smell except stronger. The texture was almost like butter, nice and smooth. Seconds after the application, the oil melted in my mouth.  The after taste was a little stronger than the initial taste but a quick drink of water can take care of that. The experience for sublingual application was a pleasant calming sensation. It took about 20 minutes after application for us to feel a change.


Topical- If you are using the Pharma CBD 25% Gold Oil as a topical ointment than the taste doesn’t really matter. We emptied the syringe into the silicone jar. We know some people have been worried about how thin the oil is and if they applied it to their face if it would run down their face. The answer is simple, no it will not run. After putting the oil in the jar one tester stuck the tip of her finger in it and pulled it out. The consistency that was left on her finger was almost like ear wax. We have heard of people applying this to their eczema and skin tags as well as other skin conditions. Since the testers did not have skin anomalies or eczema, One tester used it on the only skin abrasion that she had, a bug bite. She rubbed the oil on the bug bite and she said it instantly gave her relief. She stated "My bite no longer itched or burned and after an hour the bite was no longer swollen". The oil melted nicely into our skin only leaving a shiny spot where it had been applied. (NOTE: Rubbing the oil gives it enough heat to melt into a thinner consistency, making it easier for your skin to absorb).


DAB- If you are using the Pharma CBD 25% Gold Oil for dabbing then you will need a dab rig and a torch or a concentrate specific vape device. Don’t know what dabbing is? Don’t worry it’s easily explainable. Dabbing consists of heating the oil up to a temperature that it instantly vaporizes, making "smoke" that you inhale.  We used a oil "dab" rig and a torch for this review. The oil was easy to scoop on my spoon and completely melted off, not wasting a single drop. With dabbing comes a much harsher taste. The inhale is nice and tastes like honey but with the exhale comes the lingering aftertaste which is not 100% desirable, but like we said a drink of water could get rid of it easily. We were using a water rig so if you were to put the oil in a concentrate specific vape device then it might be a little harsher (we have not tried this oil with a concentrate specific vape device but will update after we do). After dabbing, the testers had a heavy feeling in their chests, which is common with dabbing. The heavy feeling went away after about 2-3 minutes. The experience was immediate. One tester felt a sense of calming and I was able to focus better on one task. Another tester said "It gave me everything that marijuana would except for without the “high” feeling so that I could still be functional and get through my day". Overall, we rate this 9/10 with the only downside being that it has a lingering not so good taste after sublingual application and dabbing.


Overall 9/10

Overall we really enjoyed testing this product, the effect was immediate.  We liked that there are a few ways for application, giving you a choice on how to take it and that’s just awesome. All together, we are rating the Pharma CBD Gold Oil with a 9/10. The only reason that it didn’t get a 10/10 is because of the lingering taste in your mouth and the silicone jar can easily open if someone were to put it in their pocket.

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Next week we will be reviewing Pharma brand CBD pet tincture so stay tuned, were really looking forward to this one!

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