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Pharma CBD tincture drops for pets product review at

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Today we are reviewing Pharma CBD oil tincture drops for pets.  You can buy a 100mg 1oz tincture for $36.99 and a high strength 500mg 2oz tincture for $156.99 at There are also CBD pet capsules from Pharma at both in 10ct and 30ct and we will be reviewing those is in the future but for now we have only tried the tincture.  While we have all seen the research for cannabidiol and how it has showed a lot of promise with rats and people, it makes sense that it would work well for our pets as well.  We have never done a review of a CBD product for pets but we are up for the challenge and fortunately we had the perfect tester, our office dog named Indica.  Indica is 9 years old and is a Pitbull mix and while she was spry as can be the last 9 years just recently she has started to limp and favor the right side of her hip.  Given this new occurrence and our concern for her we decided it was about time to review the Pharma CBD oil tincture for pets and so here we are, 2 weeks later excited to write this review for anyone interested in trying a pet CBD product.


Packaging 10/10

The packaging on this item is a bit more detailed than most.  There are paw prints on the front of the bottle making it clear that it is for pets. There is a plastic seal on the bottle, guaranteeing freshness. The supplement facts give the nutritional value for one serving (2 pumps) and the ingredients are listed as well. We are happy to see that the ‘shake well before use’ is in bold right above the recommended use. Pharma recommends that you place 2 pumps under the tongue and hold for 60-90 seconds, then swallow.  There is also storing directions on the label, so make sure you are storing this correctly! The label is clear on how much CBD is in the bottle and in each serving. We are giving the packaging a 10/10 for the clear label and the detailed information.

Effect  8/10

We started giving our dog the Pharma CBD drops/tincture two weeks ago.  Prior to giving her the CBD drops she was constantly limping due to a bad hip. She is about 9 years old and for the last few months she has been getting around slower and slower and only seems to want to sleep.  The recommended use for the Pharma Pet CBD Drops are: place 2 pumps under tongue; hold for 60-90 seconds, then swallow. Well, I don’t know about your dog or pet but “Indica” wouldn’t let us keep her mouth shut for more than 20 seconds at a time. Instead of putting Pharma CBD oil tincture under her tongue we gave her two pumps in her food in the morning and at night. The second day there was no change in her limp but her energy level seemed to be higher than it had been. On the fourth day we noticed she was moving around better, along with her energy and her attitude seemed to be improving. Now two weeks later to our elation our nine year old dog is acting more energetic, she is jumping off of the ground, wanting to play fetch, and more playful in general. We haven’t seen her this playful in months. After two weeks her limp is still there but her mood HAS drastically changed as well as her energy level and it seems as if she is in a lot less pain. I think it’s pretty safe to say that we will continue to use the Pharma CBD Pet Drops for Indicas and our older dogs every day aches and pains.  While this product doesn’t seem like its going to heal her bad hip it does seem to make a significant difference in her quality of life overall.  We will update this article in the future as we are hopeful the CBD tincture will actually help her hip heal.

Taste 7/10

Our dog didn’t seem to mind the taste while she didn’t seem super fond of it either, mostly just impartial. The first couple of times that she had it mixed in her food she ate around it but would eventually eat it.  The fact that she ate it at all is actually saying a lot because she is very picky and if she didnt like the taste she would have had no problem just leaving it behind.

Overall 8.3/10

Overall the Pharma CBD Pet Drops have been a big hit at our house. This product has clear labeling, clean packaging, and fun little dog paw prints on the bottle! Altogether we are rating this product a 8.3/10. So if you have a little doggie or other pet friend that needs a little umph in its step, then head over to and get your Pharma CBD Pet tincture drops now!

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