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Cibaderm cannabidiol infused body products review at

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While most of us are familiar with cannabidiol and CBD oil did you know CBD comes in body products as well?

Today we are reviewing Cibaderm CBD infused shampoo, conditioner and body wash.  We sent some bottles home with some people in the office and to just sum up everyone's experience this last week..AMAZING!  So while we already know that Cibaderm products are "amazing" lets get into some details about these products that you wouldn't know unless you tried them.  You can buy Cibaderm shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion and hand cream all at where each bottle is $19.99.  We will be reviewing the body lotion, and hand cream at a later date.

Packaging 10/10

Lets start with the labeling as we always do.  The labeling on all Cibaderm products are easy to understand and clear about whats inside the bottle.  All three of the products tested came in a 16 oz size which is your basic average size for shampoo and conditioner.  On the label it answers some of the main questions we asked here at Are the Cibaderm hair products sulfate free?  Are Cibaderm products paraben free? Are Cibaderm products natural? So, as it says right on the front of the label, the answers to those questions are YES, YES, and YES.  Cibaderm products use no artificial dyes or scents and contain no sulfates, parabens or phthalates.  On the back of the label Cibaderm describes their hair products as "sulfate free and gentle enough for all hair types" (which we have proven to be true).  While there is nothing on the bottle that says how much CBD is in the bottle we're not too sure that's an important factor given that we're not eating it or vaping it.  Just knowing that there is CBD and hemp inside the bottle is enough for us to be satisfied that we're getting the benefits associated with those items. We scored the labeling a 10/10! 





Effectiveness at getting you clean 9/10

The most important thing to many of us is going to be how does it work and so that was our next goal, to determine how well it cleans your hair and your body.  While we have no real way to tell how clean it actually got us everyone agreed that they certainly felt like their hair and body were nice and clean after using the Cibaderm products.  All of the people testing these products loved the peppermint essential oil in the shampoo and body-wash and some claimed (and I would have to agree) that the cool feeling that the peppermint gave your scalp after the shampoo and your body after using the body wash actually made you feel like you were cleaner and fresher than with other hair products and body washes.  In the end the only complaint we had about the product at all was that it is thinner than most other hair products and body washes so it had a tendency to run off your hand before you could get it in your hair but this was easily accommodated for once we knew to expect it.  Also, given that it is a natural shampoo, it didn't lather as much as your typical shampoo. Not lathering a huge amount is not really an issue just different than what most of us are used too.  In the end we all smelled good and fresh and were left with a sense of being naturally clean but we did decide we would have liked it to be a bit thicker for ease of use so we scored the cleanliness factor a 9/10.

Experience 10/10

Last but not least we want to talk about the experience of using Cibaderm body products which is probably the main reason someone would choose these product over any others.  As soon as you open any one of the three bottles you notice the immediate smell of peppermint that awakes your mind and your senses and this is particularly great for in the mornings. Again, as you lather the body wash on, you are instantly greeted by the cool fresh feel of the peppermint oil on your skin.  It feels almost as if someone opened the door to the shower and let in a cool breeze of fresh air for a second.  This feeling of being cool and fresh outlasts your time in the shower and carries over for some time out of the shower. Cibaderm body products left the testers feeling ready to take on the day or cuddle up in bed and gently nod off. The experience is great, everyone truly loved the products and is now sold.  For experience it was unanimously decided it earned a 10/10.

Overall 9.6/10

Overall the Cibaderm products were applauded by all who tested them and while most of the testers used to use the cheapest bottle of shampoo they could find at Walmart now they might be making the transition to Cibaderm after their tester bottles of  shampoo, conditioner and body wash run out.

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