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Alternate Vape Margarita flavored CBD E-juice review at

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Today we will be reviewing “Alternate Vape” margarita flavored CBD E-juice.  You can buy Alternate Vape as well as many other CBD E-Juice brands at  Margarita flavored Alternate Vape CBD E-Juice vape is available in two sizes.  

Packaging 10/10

We typically rate the packaging first so to stay in form we shall do the same here.  The Alternate Vape bottle is typical of most E-Juice containers.  Its small but functional and has all the pertinent information on the bottle.  Nothing flashy here just the info you need such as ingredients, strength, size and flavor but when talking about CBD products flashy is not what were after. What we are looking for in packaging is a clean, clear, concise and functional package and this little bottle meets all those requirements.  The Alternate Vape containers also have child proof lids which is always nice because it not only keeps the little ones out but also makes it nearly impossible for it to accidentally open in your pocket.  Everything comes together for a real successful packaging job here so this Alternate Vape gets a 10/10 for its thoughtful and well planned packaging.


Taste/Experience 10/10

This is where Alternate vape really shines.  The Alternate Vape CBD E-Juice flavors simply put taste really, REALLY good.  This margarita flavor is tangy , with a mixture of fruit and salt, basically just like a margarita party in your mouth.  If you don't like margaritas of course this would not be the flavor for you but if you are like us and you like margaritas then you will not be disappointed  with this E-Juice.  We were excited to try this flavor by Alternate Vape and now that we gave it a try we cant put it down, yes, its that good!  One thing we did notice and were impressed with was this E-Juice did not separate while stored away as some other E-Juices will.  The E-juice not separating is great because it means you can store your pen away for long periods of time and not have to worry about the juice un-mixing itself.

Effect 8/10

The effect of this CBD oil E-juice is typical of many of the CBD E-Juices, good but not amazing.  As many of us already know vaping CBD E-Juice is not likely to give you the same effect as taking straight CBD oil because the mg's of CBD is much lower but our testers did say it helped them with mild anxiety, headaches as well as lessening their desire to smoke.  Alternate Vape uses a CBD isolate so to say their is "CBD oil" in this E-Juice would actually be incorrect as its a CBD isolate meaning it was made with a 99% CBD powder instead of hemp CBD oil.  Alternate Vape also uses terpenes to help increase the effectiveness of the CBD, we didn't seem to notice this making much of a difference although rumor is soon a higher mg Alternate Vape E-Juices and these terpenes might play a bigger part in those products.  Alternate Vape oil contains zero THC as apposed to many other E-juices that use "CBD oil" and contain trace amounts of THC.  While THC plays very little if any part in hemp CBD products its still something we feel should be included in this part of the review as it might be possible for it to be more or less effective depending on the situation of the user.  The lack of any THC might also be important to those curious about the ability to vape CBD and still pass a drug test and while we don't want to make any direct claims as to the outcome of any such test we feel like its very unlikely to show up positive in any drug test looking specifically for THC.

Overall 9.3/10

Overall the Alternate Vape CBD E-Juice scored very well and earned a 9.3 out of ten.  This CBD E-Juice will satisfy your needs if you are looking for a well packaged, flavorful, effective CBD E-Juice. We will be reviewing the other flavors in coming weeks.  Next week we will be reviewing PlusCBD oil gold.

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