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Today we are doing a review on Plus CBD oil gold (in a container).  PlusCBD oil is made by Cannavest Corp and is a real strong contender for top dog when it comes to CBD oil in general.  This is a very popular product not only on but all over the web.  You can buy PlusCBD oil gold at for $33.99 for 1 gram, $109.99 for 4 grams, or $244.99 for 10 grams.

Packaging 7/10

As always we will start with reviewing the packaging and for this review we are reviewing the container version and not the syringe version.  While the container looks like a smaller version of a carmex jar but in that actuality its a unique container that as far as we know is only carried by Cannavest.  There isnt really much verbage or anything fancy going on with this container other than a Cannavest logo and the PlusCBD gold emblem on the top.  One thing we really liked about this packaging is that its glass and its always nice to know that when your scraping the last bit out that you wont be getting plastic scrapings in with your oil.  This container has some faults though as well. The largest complaint we had from our testers was the trouble they had opening the container.  The lid on these containers is a soft plastic lid that is not easy to remove and if you have arthritis or anything that makes it difficult to grip things this may be all but impossible to get open. It should be noted that if you buy the 10 gram pack then you will get the 10 grams in containers individually in 1 gram jars but the box that the jars are in will have much more information than the jar itself.For packaging we will award the packaging a 7/10 because while its functional and actually pretty neat they were able to incorporate a glass container the lid is quite difficult to remove.






Effect 10/10

This PlusCBD oil is very similar to many of the items of the “Gold” CBD oil variety.  Not surprising all the people have found that this CBD oil “Gold” was on par with the other brands that have “Gold” varieties.  Many of the testers use CBD oil to help with anxiety as well as other things and found that it worked well for them and helped with their respective issues.  All of the testers claimed this CBD oil to be very effective for their intended purposes so we scored the PlusCBD oil “Gold” a 10/10.

Taste and Experience 8/10

If you are using this CBD oil sublingually then just know that the taste is not good.  There are those few people who don’t mind the taste but most found it tasted pretty terrible  A common way our testers used to cover up the taste was putting the oil on a Altoids mint and that seemed to help cover up the taste pretty well. Some other methods that were used to ingest the CBD oil were to put in a marshmallow and eat it.  Placing a drop or two in hot tea also works well as it dissolves and then is able to be drank.  Another one of our testers has some skin irritations and placed some oil on the irritated are of her skin and found that it helped to relieve the itching and burning.  We have also seen people use the CBD topically for other skin situations with some really good results.  So in the end the oil does not taste good but was easy to ingest or apply as needed so the taste and experience score a solid 8/10.

Overall 8.3/10

Overall the PlusCBD gold scored very well with a 8.3/10.  We would really have liked for the lid to be easier to remove and while this may not be a big issue for some those with arthritis or pain in their hands this may be difficult to open.  The testers raved about this oils ability to help them with their issues and given that its one of the more affordable CBD oil choices its no wnder that it’s a top seller at  Cannavests, PlusCBD oil Gold is effective, affordable and easy to use (minus getting the lid off) which makes it’s a great choice for those looking to try CBD oil.

If you like this CBD product review stay tuned to our blog at for a new CBD product review every week.  Next week we will be reviewing the PlusCBD capsules, a quick easy and convenient way to ingest CBD.  If you would like to stay up to date on new products, sales and CBD news from sign up for our newsletter below.

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    Chris on

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