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Alternate Vape Black and Blue flavored CBD E-juice review at

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Today we will be reviewing the Alternate Vape 10ml 50mg vape oil.  You can purchase this vape oil at for $27.99.

Packaging 10/10

This e-juice from Alternative Vape comes in a small plastic bottle with a plastic shrink wrap seal on it. Opening the bottle will require you to push the lid down while turning it. This is a great feature to have on a bottle because not only is it spill proof if you put it in your pocket, but it is also child proof. The opening of the bottle has a round spout making it very easy to fill up your e-juice device without a mess. The label is very clear on what it is, Alternate Vape Black & Blue. It states the amount of CBD (50 mg), the ingredients, adults only warning, and how to store.  This product is very well packaged, thus giving it a perfect ten out of ten.

Taste 10/10

The Black & Blue e- juices, from Alternate Vape, tastes like the right blend of blackberries and blueberries. Each inhale brings the taste of a blue and black berry pie. For those of you who don’t like overwhelming your taste buds, this should be good for you.  This flavor leaves the perfect amount of the flavor lingering in your mouth but isn't too sweet or overpowering. This product tastes delightful and the vape is nice and smooth, giving it a ten out of ten.

Experience 10/10

The people who tested this product were very happy with the results. The first tester was in love with the flavor of this product. This person used the vape juice in their pen when feeling anxious. After a few puffs of the vape pen she felt her anxiety start to disappear within a few minutes. The second tester used their pen for nausea. Whenever she was feeling nauseous (due to medical condition), she would vape and her symptoms would almost immediately go away. She says “This vape juice is the only relief I’ve had in months. My nausea is debilitating and not only does it taste good but it is effective at taking off the edge”. The third tester uses Medical Marijuana and uses the CBD vape oil to help him avoid the “high” of the THC.  This tester said-

“I want the benefits of both CBD and THC for my condition and that’s why I used medical marijuana instead of just CBD. I live in a state that I have access to medical marijuana and I smoke regularly. Sometimes I get too 'high' and I feel miserable. When this happens I vape my CBD oil and that feeling goes away within five minutes or so. I’d say it works pretty well”

All of our tester enjoyed this product and had nothing but good things to say when they reported back. This product gets a ten out of ten.

Overall 10/10

Overall this product gets a ten out of ten.  The packaging was perfect, the taste is delightful, and the experience was just what people were looking for. If you are looking for the perfect mellow CBD vape juice with a fruity taste, look no further!

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