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Injuries in sports are bound to happen. Even to the most athletic individuals, an injury is just a wrong move away. The type of injury that you're likely to sustain is largely dependent on the sport you play. For instance, basketball tends to cause a lot of knee and joint pain from running and jumping on hardwood courts. Football tends to have more bruising and broken bones from tackles, with mental health issues as well. Track and field can cause an array of injuries depending on what events the athlete is involved with. Sports, although fun, can be dangerous, so how should we deal with the everyday aches and pains of being an athlete? Studies have begun to show positive results when using CBD. Here are a few things that could potentially help if you ever sustain an injury.

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I've played basketball my whole life, and since I can remember I've had a basketball in my hand. I love the game, but sometimes, the game doesn't love me as much. When I was 22, I fell and twisted my knee very badly, and I could hardly walk the next day. However, the doctors said nothing was wrong and to just take Advil. I did as I was instructed, but it took forever before I felt like I could run confidently again. I now have to wear a brace every time I play. It's not a big deal, but even with the brace sometimes my knee will give out when going up for a layup. That is, until I started using CBD salves. Anytime before I play any sport, I make sure to rub some Active CBD Salve to help my knee do what it needs to do. I'm not the first to do anything like this. Many people use CBD for joint pain and arthritis on a daily basis just to get through the day! CBD and other cannabinoids have been known to have anti-inflammatory properties which is why most seek the help of CBD. It's worked for me tremendously. I've hardly noticed any sort of discomfort while playing basketball, or any other sport for that matter.

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Another major problem I had was shin splints during cross country running and track & field. Track & field was especially bad for this, because of the turf you run on. In cross country I had less of a problem because I mostly ran in grass or on dirt, allowing a little more give than the track turf does. However, I also had terrible stress fractures in my foot. Although these injuries may seem minuscule, they can cause more serious injuries if not taken care of, so how can CBD help with these sorts of injuries? Although scientific tests have only been run on lab rats, a study shows that CBD and other cannabinoids can work with your bones to help gain strength in the cartilage bridge that forms when a bone is broken or fractured. CBD has also been known to help in cases of osteoporosis, where bones become weak and brittle; CBD can possibly help strengthen those bones.

Sports can leave all kinds of bruises and pain throughout the body. Being an athlete can just plain hurt for seemingly no reason. Football can also leave its mark in more ways than just physical pain. Mental health issues have been flaring up left and right, causing some to experience CTE. CTE occurs in the brain and is typically caused by a series of concussions. CTE affects the brain in multiple ways like memory, mood, judgement, and can also lead to early onset Alzheimer's or dementia. Recent studies have shown that CBD can potentially help regulate things like mood and memory through the endocannabinoid system. Although studies are ongoing, former professional football players are opening up about their CBD use, claiming that it's helping them subdue the side effects of CTE and other mental health issues, along with physical pain.

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Sports are awesome and very entertaining, especially for extreme sport athletes. These athletes really put their bodies on the line. Although other sports do as well, extreme sports can also put you in extreme danger. Broken bones, bruises, road rash, concussions, and everything else under the sun is a possibility when you're an extreme athlete. I'm sure at one time or another, most extreme athletes have had a concoction of pharmaceuticals that can be just as harmful to the body as the injury itself. CBD could possibly be helpful in all of these situations.

With all the anti-inflammatory research and the continued use of CBD in all kinds of situations, one could surmise that most athletes could benefit from using CBD. If you have any questions about our products or CBD in general, please feel free to contact us at 719-358-7553 or email at info@discovercbd.com.

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