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CBD and Addiction: Cue Induced Cravings

Posted by Michael Inglehearn on

Addiction, no matter the substance is hard to kick. It's especially hard to kick when you have so many different triggers. These triggers are called "cue induced cravings." These cravings flare up when something happens that reminds you of that substance. For former smokers it could simply be the smell of your favorite cigarette, for alcoholics it could be simply passing by your favorite pub. Whatever the case may be, there could be some hope and solitude by using CBD.

 These cue induced cravings are incredibly normal for those who suffer with addiction. These memories that make you crave the substance are so vivid that in some cases the addict almost feels what it was like when they were on that substance. Then, the memory gets re-consolidated so it can be of use later. That's a pretty powerful memory. A 2017 study shows that CBD could potentially help block those re-consolidated thoughts. The study was done with mice. They were first conditioned to associate a drug like morphine as a reward, then they take the drug away from them and studied their response without the drug. Even though the model is simple it can actually be correlated to a human relapse. When a moderate dose of CBD was given to the mice they found that they had less tendency to go into the room associated with the substance, especially compared to those that weren't given CBD. They even found that CBD continued to have a protective effect even after the substance was re-administered. Which in turn shows it's effects even during a relapse. 

Other studies have shown that CBD can reduce the rewarding affect that opiates can make you feel. It shows that CBD may help in forgetting the habits of addiction, which lead to relapse and cravings even after withdrawal has passed.You can read more about CBD and Opioid Addiction by clicking on the link. 

Although more research needs to be done the research that has been done has been eye-opening. More people are using CBD to help with these cravings and are having positive results! If you think CBD could help you, but don't know where to start give us a call at 719-358-7553 or send us a quick email at We also always have a rep answering questions on our online store during our store hours. 

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