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CBD has been a great asset since I started working for Discover CBD 5 months ago. All of the great customers who use our products are appreciated and are, simply put, wonderful people. Most customers have no idea where to start, and I like to believe that we hold the knowledge to help steer them in the right direction. It's been a real pleasure not only working for this company, but working with the customers and getting to know them on a somewhat personal level. I wanted to share my first and secondhand experience with CBD.

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I think my favorite aspect about working for Discover CBD is meeting our everyday customers from the community. Most are new to the industry and have no idea what CBD even is; others come in with basic knowledge from various websites, and a few are very well-educated and know exactly what they want as soon as they step through the door. No matter the customer's level of knowledge, the experience for me is nothing but fulfilling. A lot of our customers are just trying out CBD as a last shred of hope for a difficult situation, and typically come back with positive results. I can't count the number of times that a customer has walked in for the first time in pain so serious, you can see it on their face, and the next time they come in, it's like they're a whole new person. They're standing more upright, or the pain on their face has faded, and no job I've ever had has given me this sense of accomplishment.

Although the customers are amazing, the benefits I've found from my personal use are tremendous. I've played basketball my whole life and ran cross country throughout middle and high school, which has prevented my knees from working as well as they used to. When playing basketball, my knee will sometimes give out when going up for a layup, which scares me because I'd rather not sustain an injury. When I first started working here, I was curious to try out our Active Salve to see if it would help. The next time I went to play, I massaged the salve deep into my knees about 30-45 minutes before I started. I still wore my knee brace, but the relief was incredible. My knee didn't give out once, and I felt more confident and agile. I went from playing scared and skeptical to near full tilt with the confidence of my 17 year old self. Now I use it even when going hiking or going on a walk around the block just to feel more comfortable. I've truly found the relief I need with this product. 

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Another success story comes from a close friend of mine. She struggles with anxiety; not all day or even every day, but when it hits - it hits hard. I've seen her go from happy-go-lucky to pure devastation. It's a complete 180, and it's not only hard for her to control, but difficult for the others around her. As a friend, you try to be there, listen, and try to understand. Unfortunately, unless you're familiar with the feeling, there's no way of understanding what they're going through. Their chest is tight, they have a lack of breath, uncontrollable shakes, and even vomiting occurs. Luckily, with CBD she's found some relief. If she feels a panic attack coming on, i.e. her chest gets tight, and feels nervous, she takes a dropper full of the Active CBD Extra Strength Tincture. In these situations, most of the time she's able to get it under control. Other times, it's just a little too late and she needs something that's going to act faster than sublingual application. In these instances, she's using the Active CBD Isolate Slab. She'll heat up a nail for dabbing and take a dab of it. I've watched the slab take her from a 7 or 8, on a scale of 1-10, down to a 3-4. Her shakes typically fade and she loses the nausea causing her to vomit. It's really incredible to watch how fast-acting it can be. Although I have seen her take more than one dab for the most intense situations, one typically does the trick. 

I have many other success stories that I could share, but I just wanted to pinpoint the ones that have affected me personally in some form. It's truly been an amazing experience working here and I'm excited for the future - not only for myself, but for the company, and the wonderful customers who use our products everyday. We're blessed to have found relief with such a wonderful product. Let's continue to get active, and be healthy!

If you have any questions about our products or CBD in general feel free to give us a call at 719-358-7553 or email us at  


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