New Study Points to Potential Efficacy of CBD Treatment for Depression

If you've ever suffered from depression yourself or know someone who has, you know how difficult it can be to cope with day-to-day. Unfortunately, for too many people, finding appropriate treatment options becomes another hurdle in the way of living their best lives. While many antidepressants already on the market can and have helped many people, it can take some trial and error to find one that works appropriately for someone's individual body and situation. Adding to this frustration is that many of these take several months to determine how well or if it is working.

A new study conducted by neuroscientists in Denmark and Brazil suggests that CBD might have some promising antidepressant effects. The study details that when mice were given CBD, they exhibited almost immediate relief from their depression-like symptoms. Furthermore, this effect persisted for 7 days past the initial treatment dosage.

These findings suggest that CBD may be effective in the treatment of depression in humans. It shows promise to be a fast-acting, sustained antidepressant solution for many people who are currently suffering, particularly those who may not have found a prescription drug that works for them yet.

Many of our customers already take CBD to help them relieve the symptoms of their depression or anxiety. For those who have had difficulty finding other antidepressants that work best for them, CBD could be a potent new option to try.

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