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Product Review: Urbal Activ CBD Dog Treats

Posted by Sydney Parrish on

After finishing off a bag of the regular strength Urbal Activ CBD dog treats, I'm ready to give them a proper review! For some background information, I have a 2 year old Border Collie-Lab mix with very high levels of energy. During the weekends, she's able to get more exercise than she can handle. However, it's not always the case during the weekdays. My partner and I both work during the day and our dog (Eva) hangs out in her over-sized kennel while she waits for us to return. She usually shows signs of restlessness throughout the day, for example attempting to re-arrange her blankets/pillows in the kennel and other small quirks. She also becomes extremely vocal in the evenings towards us, as if to declare how bored she is. We attempted taking her out several times each hour in the evening, running with her in the mornings, but she still seemed to need more attention, no matter how hard we tried. We did some research, and found that CBD can have a calming effect on pets as well as humans. So we decided to give these treats a try!

Effectiveness [8/10]

After a week of taking two treats per day (1mg per treat), we started to notice signs of her calming down. When I came home from work, I noticed the kennel area was exactly the way I left it, meaning she was not as bored throughout the day. More importantly though, we noticed a dramatic decrease in her whining in the evenings. Eva will still make it a point to grab our attention every now and then when she wants to play. However, she seemed more content just hanging out with us, rather than demanding the focus of the room. It's a great feeling!

Packaging [10/10]

The treats come in a travel-size, resealable bag. The size of the bag made it easy to toss them in my purse for a Saturday hike, and very easy to store at home. I loved that the bag was resealable to ensure freshness, unlike the many treats that come in boxes.

Taste [10/10]

These Peanut Butter & Pumpkin treats stood no chance against Eva. She devoured them even faster than the normal treats we normally buy from the pet store. We did not expect her to like the flavor as much as she did.

 Overall [9.5/10]

I'm so glad we decided to give these CBD dog treats a chance, as they have definitely improved the quality of life for our dog. She seems like a happier, more content companion rather than a nagging toddler. My partner and I feel like we're just hitting the tip of the iceberg of results and definitely plan to continue to use them.


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