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CBD News — Bone fractures

What is CBG?

Posted by Melinda Bloch on

Cannabigerol or CBG is a minor cannabinoid that was discovered along with CBD and THC in the 1960s. CBG is a rare cannabinoid, most mature medical cannabis and hemp plants contain less than 1% of CBG. CBG is non-psychoactive. Much like its cannabinoid brother, CBD, it does not produce any effects of euphoria.  As more money goes into researching cannabinoids, more people have started studying CBG and are seeing promising results of the medical benefits of CBG.  We are just beginning to understand all the potential that CBG has to offer. 1964: CBG is discovered to be present in varieties...

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Can CBD Help Broken Bones Heal Faster?

Posted by Clarice MacGarvey on

CBD is thought to have many healthful and healing properties beyond its nutritional value as a dietary supplement, and its calming effect on the nervous system. But can it help broken bones mend more quickly? A recent study by research teams at Tel Aviv University (TAU) in Israel, suggest that the potential is undeniable. Results show that CBD, the non-psychotropic compound in the Cannabis plant, plays a significant role in the growth and strengthening of bones. Scientifically, it makes sense. CBD is classified as a Cannabinoid. There are multiple Cannabinoid receptors in the human body, all involved with many vital...

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