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CBD News — cannatropix review

Product Review: Cannatropix 100mg CBD E-Juice

Posted by Heidi Turpen on

My review team went up in vapor this week!  Our exciting new product is Cannatropix 100 mg CBD E-Juice.  This compact little bottle holds 100 mg of CBD!  My team loved having the chance to test this product.  Coupled with a trusty vape pen your all ready to go!  On the go, as I'm sure many are familiar, vaping is extremely versatile.  From indoors, to endless opportunities in flavors and benefits. Taste/Experience: 9/10 Our testing team used's New EVOD Vape pen to utilize this E-Juice, available at for $24.99 and comes in 4 colors! Cannatropix 100 mg CBD...

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