Using CBD for Motion Sickness

Have you ever felt a queasy feeling in your stomach, maybe a little lightheaded, or perhaps you even vomited while riding in a vehicle? Most people have had some sort of bout with motion sickness, some more often, and far worse than others. While there are prescription drugs for these issues, their side effects make them far from the safest substances to use. Cannabidiol (CBD) could possibly be a better, safer, healthier solution. 

Motion sickness occurs when you're feeling motion, but your eyes are not seeing motion. Sensory nerves in the inner ear send messages to the brain that motion is being sensed. Meanwhile, the eyes don't perceive that motion, telling the brain that there is no motion happening. The postrema area of the brain, where poisons are detected, and is responsible for balance and vision, sends a signal to vomit because it believes the body has been poisoned. So, that nausea you feel from motion sickness is your brain just being very confused by what is happening.  

Nausea is the main symptom in motion sickness, CBD and other cannabinoids have been shown to help with nausea. In fact, many cancer patients use CBD and medical marijuana to help subside their nausea from chemotherapy. Other symptoms are dizziness, and feeling lightheaded. Although there isn't any scientific proof many individuals have said to feel relief of these symptoms when using CBD. 

Unfortunately, since there isn't much scientific evidence the answer is still unknown. However, the overwhelming amount of research showing that CBD and other cannabinoids can help with nausea have to provide some insight. We also must take into account the number of people who feel relief from motion sickness, and although a placebo effect argument might be valid for some, it doesn't mean that it's improbable to consider CBD use for motion sickness.

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