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PlusCBD Oral Syringe CBD oil - 3 Grams - Green - 14%-17% CBD


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Total Plant Complex for the Purist. A higher concentration of CBD (cannabidiol), CBC (cannabichromene), and CBG (cannabigerol), our Green Label products provide a more direct approach to taking CBD, without any carriers, sweeteners, or flavors. Each non-standardized 3g Green oral applicator delivers between 420-504mg of CBD and each non-standardized 10g Green oral applicator delivers between 1400-1680mg of CBD.

Not sure what kind of CBD oil to buy?  Check out our CBD oil buying guide here "The different varieties of CBD oil explained".

Suggested use: Dispense .05g/.05ml and ingest twice a day. You can add our PlusCBD oil to your food or beverage of choice (with the understanding that the oil is non water soluble). If the oil is hard to dispense simply place the container into warm water or warm towel until it reaches your desired consistency.  There are approximately 60 doses (2 a day) or 30 days worth in each 3 gram syringe at the rate of .1ml a day.  Please keep in mind that .1ml a day is a relatively low dose and you might require a higher dose for the desired effect but it may be adjusted up or down depending on the individual and situation.

Caution: When using the syringes the CBD oil inside can shoot out unexpectedly if the CBD oil syringe has air bubbles or has an inconsistent viscosity. Both of these situations can result in wasting CBD oil by unexpectedly ejected more than intended from the syringe .  The warm towel method described above is suggested before dosing to help the CBD oil have a consistently fluid viscosity. Warming the syringe also makes it much easier to eject the CBD oil out of the syringe. When ready to eject dose from syringe gently support the entire syringe and push slowly on the plunger. When the desired amount has been ejected pull back on the plunger to gently release the pressure off the remaining oil and stop the flow.  When done dosing firmly push the cap back on the syringe for safe storage.

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Customer Reviews

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