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Active CBD oil Water Soluble CBD - Powder - 20% CBD/volume

Active CBD oil

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NEW!! Finally the wholesale water soluble CBD oil powder derived from hemp is available to the public.  Now you can mix CBD oil directly with water, vegetable glycerin or any other water based product.  This powder is 20% CBD oil by volume and the rest is comprised of natural preservatives such as oleic acid and citric acid, all of which are naturally derived and help preserve the freshness of the powder and the final product. This is a full cannabinoid powder that includes cannabinoids other than just CBD (THC removed) for maximum benefit.  What you will receive is 1 gram of the powder which contains 200mg's of pure CBD and comes in an acrylic container with a silicone liner. 

Buy more and save! Now also sold in 3 packs, 5 packs and 10 packs at a discount!

Great for:

-Making your own tinctures (Mix CBD oil into vegetable glycerin WITHOUT the use of emulsifiers such as Lecithin or Polysorbate 80).

-Mix and formulate your own CBD oil E-liquids or vape juice (YES, this is vape-able!)

-Quick and easy dosing by adding to juice, coffee, tea, or just plain water or anything else that is water based!

Ingredients: Activated (decarboxylated) high CBD hemp oil, Oleic Acid (derived from olive oil), Potassium Bicarbonate, Vitamin D as Alpha Tocopherol (an antioxident), Abscorbic acid (antioxident to protect flavor), Citric Acid and Sucrose,

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Customer Reviews

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