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Active CBD oil tincture - Water Soluble - Unflavored

Active CBD oil

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NEW! The highest CBD tincture at the best price! This Active CBD oil tincture is made with water soluble CBD for maximum absorption and bio-availability.  Comes in 1oz, 125mg CBD, and Extra Strength 1oz, 275mg CBD. When purchasing the "2 oz" option, you will receive (2) 1 oz. bottles with a price break! Unlike other tinctures this "Unflavored" has a natural, earthy taste and is easily taken on a daily basis. All our Active CBD oil tinctures are gluten-free. Truly a revolutionary step in CBD, these tinctures provide maximum bio-availablity. Active CBD oil takes it to the next level with this amazing product!

Note: 2oz Tincture Size comes in 2 separate 1oz bottles.

  2oz 250mg will come as 2 x 1oz bottles of 125mg. 

  2oz 550mg will come as 2 x 1oz bottles of 275mg. 

You will still receive the total amount of CBD listed. Most of our customers prefer to have their two 1oz bottles separate so they can keep one at home and one in their purse or at work. 

3rd party lab analysis:

Bacterial and Microbial lab results (None found)

NEW: Every batch of Active CBD oil products are now individually tested. Check out all the batches on our Active CBD oil Test Result Page

Ingredients: USP Kosher vegetable glycerin, purified water, Activated (decarboxylated) high CBD hemp oil, Oleic Acid (derived from olive oil), Potassium Bicarbonate, Vitamin D as Alpha Tocopherol (an antioxident), Abscorbic acid (antioxident to protect flavor), Citric Acid and Sucrose, Natural and /or artificial flavoring (besides in "unflavored" version)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews Write a review