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Why pay through mail order at

Best Selection of CBD products on the web at the guaranteed best price since 2015!

We are the largest direct manufacturer to consumer CBD oil retailer on the web.  We offer lower prices than the competition and guarantee the lowest price on all of our products.  Because we are a direct supplier we can offer lower prices than the competition HOWEVER our profit margins are smaller than other CBD websites and so we need to keep costs down any way we can.  One way we do that is by ONLY accepting payment by mail, utilizing Checks and Money orders.

We have been selling CBD products through mail order since June of 2015 and while it may be a little less convenient it gives us the unique opportunity to guarantee the lowest price on all of our products at

Why ONLY Mail Order?

Currently there is no website online selling hemp oil or CBD oil that is legitimately able to process credit cards (notice that it always shows up as a different name on your bank statement).

Do you really want your credit card info in the hands of a online company when they are illegitimately running credit cards through an umbrella corp?

Probably not.. we have seen many instances from other companies where peoples credit cards were overcharged, double charged, or even worse.  When our industry processes credit cards we pay between 15%-25% directly to the processor for every transaction to "clean" the transaction of any link to CBD.  This "discount rate" (what we have to pay to process a credit card) for CBD is roughly 10-15 times more than the average store pays per credit card transaction and it passes through many more hands than the average credit card "swipe" transaction.  All of this leaves you and your credit card info vulnerable.

Our belief has always been that the more people who use mail order and not credit cards the lower the prices on ALL CBD products will be across the web.  Its also very likely this will be the ONLY way to purchase CBD oil online here shortly.

So how do I pay for my CBD?

We have 2 options currently, Money order/Cashiers Check and regular business or personal check.  You can see exactly how to pay this way by clicking HERE