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!NEW! 1100 mah EVOD Vape pen - 4 colors -

!NEW! 1100 mah EVOD Vape pen - 4 colors


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This 1100 mah is the bad boy of the EVOD market with its huge battery and claim to the biggest CBD vapor clouds out of our entire EVOD collection.  This vape pen accepts any e-liquid from our large selection of CBD e-liquids HERE.  Available in 4 colors!

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Comes with battery, tank, and USB charger. (battery does not come charged, please charge for 24hrs prior to initial use)

Simple start up guide: 3 Steps to better vaping!

Step 1- Charge EVOD battery by removing the E-liquid tank from the battery and screwing the batteries 510 thread into the USB charger 510 thread. Then plug charger into any (powered) USB port to charge for 24hrs prior to initial use.

Step 2- Remove metal piece from the E-liquid tank by unscrewing it counterclockwise (this can be difficult to grip sometimes because it is small and slick).  Once you have the E-liquid tank open fill it with your choice of E-liquid (do not put E-liquid in the middle hole, just around the edge.  While the battery is charging for 24 hours let the tank sit with the oil and let it soak. Any new E-lquid needs to soak for 15 min in the tank prior to vaping for the best vaping experience (you could burn your wick if its to dry).

Step 3-  Once the battery is charged and the E-liquid tank is full put it all back together and your done. Quickly press the button 5 times to unlock the pen. Now all you do is simply press the button and inhale.  We suggest you start will small puffs until you are familiar with how the vape pen works. Enjoy! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review