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Active CBD oil complete dab kit - dab and vape combo's

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These complete dab packages include everything you need to get started*

We have 3 amazing options to choose from:

Beginner: Includes 1 gram of 25% CBD oil dabs PLUS a dual coil vape pen for ONLY $99!

Intermediate: Includes 1 gram 50% CBD dabs Plus and Authentic G-pen micro for ONLY $139!

Professional: Includes 1 Gram 75% CBD dabs PLUS a KanboroTech (similar to Dr. Dabber) portable E-rig for ONLY $209!

Ultimate kit: The ultimate kit for doing dabs includes 3 Grams of 75% pure CBD dabs PLUS an E-nail kit w/carrying case and a universal glass on glass fitted titanium nail, PLUS a dab mat, PLUS 2 silicone containers for only $499! (over $700 MSRP!) *(This kit requires a glass water pipe to use the E-nail setup and is intended for those familiar with E-nails and how they work)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review