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PlusCBD Spray - Cannabidiol Tincture - Café Mocha


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NEW Flavor: Café Mocha
PlusCBD oil spray is a easy and economical sublingual dosing choice for people looking to add CBD to their diet.  All PlusCBD products are Natural, GMO Free, and Quality tested.  Available in two sizes. Each 1oz bottle contains 100mg of CBD and each 2oz bottle contains 500mg of CBD (5 times the CBD in the 1oz bottle).

Suggested Use:

1oz size-Use 1ml 3-times a day (approx 10mg of CBD a day) by placing under tongue and letting it dissolve for 30 seconds each time.  Each 1oz bottle contains approximately 10 days of tincture.  

Please note: 1 ml is approximately 3 squirts with the spray tinctures, or 1 dropper full of the dropper tinctures.  These doses can be adjusted up or down depending on the individual and the situation.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews Write a review