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CBD oil, cannabis, and how it relates to anxiety

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As the availability and potency of Cannabis rises, the psychological effects may, at times, be too much to handle. Even experienced smokers can be prone to overdoing it with today’s extra strong and competitive products.

Though it has been used to treat a variety of health issues, some powerful strains of cannabis can actually cause anxiety, as well a sense of paranoia. These affects are most commonly seen with inexperienced Cannabis connoisseurs, or out of state tourists new to the wonders of legal marijuana.

For example, the labeled amount of THC in an edible may not always be as accurate as it claims, leaving some consumers with a wide arrange of effects. Apart from simply not using cannabis, little may be done for some users experiencing anxiety.

However, an experiment published in the Journal, Psychopharmacology, suggests that the effects of CBD may actually act to block the effects of delta 9 THC in the brain, possibly mitigating some of these anxiety producing effects. Using CBD oil to remedy the anxiety one may feel after ingesting high amounts of THC might just be an option with products like Active CBD oil gold.

For those who have found themselves becoming uncomfortable or paranoid having a few CBD capsules on hand might make for a more enjoyable cannabis experience. Moderation and responsible dosing are two very important things to always be aware of when using Cannabis.


Apart from anxiety reduction, CBD can be used for many other health issues!

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