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Discover CBD Concentrates

The CBD industry is thriving, producing more products each and every day. As we realize the full potential of cannabidiol, it’s become increasingly more apparent that different consumption methods are necessary. Thus, products like CBD concentrates have made their way into the market, allowing customers a brand-new, extra-potent way of enjoying their CBD.

But, what are CBD concentrates (CBD Isolate)? How do they work? Do they get you high? If you have any questions about these products, don’t panic: we have all the answers. Down below, we’re covering everything you should know about CBD concentrates and even how to purchase some for yourself right from Discover CBD. 

What are CBD Concentrates?

Before we talk about the definition of CBD concentrates, let’s first discuss concentrates in general.

Cannabis concentrates are high-potency forms of extracted cannabis oils. Essentially, professionals will take full-plant matter and put it through a rigorous purification and filtration process. Typically through the use of a solvent, a manufacturer will destroy the plant matter itself, leaving behind just the waxy oils from the cannabis plant itself. Once these oils have been purified of any remaining solvent, the professionals will either mix, whip, or leave the concentrates be depending on the desired structure. 

From there, you can choose to consume your concentrates in a few different ways depending on your personal preference. But, we’ll talk more about that later! For now, let’s get into the details of concentrated CBD.

As you can probably guess, CBD Isolate or CBD concentrate oil is oil that has been extracted from the cannabis plant and undergoes purifying to rid the substance of other cannabinoids besides CBD. Thus, the remaining product is a concentrated form of hemp that only boasts large amounts of cannabidiol. You can enjoy these hemp concentrates in the same way you can regular concentrates, too! 

Some CBD concentrates may contain other minor cannabinoids alongside the cannabinol, while others may be pure CBD. It simply depends on the manufacturer and what kind of products they want to make. 

Compared to other CBD products, CBD Isolate tends to have some of the highest levels of cannabidiol. The extraction method allows for a pure, careful result, helping some concentrates come in at 99% CBD. This is practically unheard of for other products, especially when the average CBD flower is around 15-20%. So, always keep in mind this high potency when consuming. If you’ve never tried CBD before, these are not the products to start with! They’re best for those who are experienced in the field and feel comfortable consuming something as potent as concentrates.

Do CBD Oil Concentrates Get You High?

Typically, cannabis concentrates are known for getting you extra stoned because of their potency. However, this is not the case for CBD oil concentrates! Concentrated cannabidiol cannot get you high because the cannabinoid doesn’t have the psychotropic properties that THC does. So, while a big dab of THC concentrates may send you to the moon, a dab of pure CBD Isolate will keep you grounded, relaxed, and of sound mind. 

Legally, hemp-derived CBD products cannot contain more than 0.3% THC. If they do, they are considered marijuana products and are only legal in states with adult-use cannabis or medical cannabis for those with MMJ cards. At 0.3%, the amount isn’t high enough to produce any intoxicating effects, so it’s allowed in CBD products like CBD concentrates per the 2018 Farm Bill

So, no! CBD oil concentrates or CBD wax do not and will not get you high as long as they follow proper federal guidelines. When you purchase CBD concentrate oil online, always check a brand’s third-party lab-test results to ensure that the numbers reflect the cannabinoid levels they claim. 

Here at Discover CBD, we make sure we never include more than 0.3% THC in our products — if we have THC at all. And, you can always check out our test results for added reassurance. This way, you don’t have to worry about ever accidentally getting high from our CBD concentrates.

How to Enjoy CBD Concentrates

Enjoying concentrated CBD can be a bit intimidating if you’ve never tried it before. When enjoying CBD concentrates, you’re going to need a few pieces of fancy equipment if you want to get the most of your experience. However, with just a little bit of practice and a couple of dabs, you’ll be a master of enjoying hemp oil concentrate. Let’s talk. 

Vaporizing CBD Isolate

As you can probably tell, dabbing or vaporizing is the most popular way of enjoying CBD concentrates. Some types of concentrated CBD are easier to do this with than others, but it is still an extremely effective option for those looking to get effects quickly. To do this, you’ll have to decide how you want to vaporize your CBD concentrates. Some people enjoy adding it to their rig (a glass smoking device similar to a bong) or their vape pen. Either way is acceptable! 

If you’re using a rig, you will need a dab tool to collect some of your hemp concentrates out of the container. Always start with a small crumb-sized amount to see how your body reacts. Then, you’ll need a torch or torch lighter to heat up the banger (also called a nail) where the dab will sit. Once the banger is red-hot, wait about 20-30 seconds and then add your CBD concentrate and inhale. Using your dab tool, swirl the concentrate around as you go. Once you’ve inhaled enough, place a silicone, ceramic, or glass cap over the banger and avoid touching it until it cools down. And, you’ve done it! You’ve dabbed some CBD concentrate.

If all of this sounds too confusing to you, that’s fine! You can always opt for vaping your CBD concentrates, instead. For those with refillable vape pens, all you have to do is place a small amount of concentrate into the chamber and let it heat up. Then, you can take small puffs — a few huge ones — and get the experience of vaporized CBD that way. 

You should keep in mind that both of these methods are incredibly effective. As we mentioned, concentrated CBD is some of the strongest on the market, and vaporizing it allows for effects to kick in almost immediately. When consuming this way, always start with an extremely small amount and then make your way up from there. If you consume too much CBD concentrates at first, there’s a good chance your body will react adversely. We will talk more about dosing in a moment, though!

Eating/Drinking CBD Isolate 

An interesting thing about some CBD concentrates — like CBD distillate powder — is that you can eat or drink them. We understand that not everybody is into vaping, nor can everybody’s lungs handle that. For those who would prefer to avoid inhalation, digesting your concentrates can be a wonderful option. 

CBD powder allows you to easily add a scoop of pure CBD distillate straight into your foods or beverages. Add it into your smoothies, soups, teas, or coffees and you’ll hardly even notice the flavor of the concentrate — if at all. This way, you get your regular food or beverage, but within about an hour or so, you’ll also pick up on the therapeutic values that the cannabinoid concentrate brings. 

When you eat or drink your hemp concentrate, it will take longer for the effects to kick in than if you vaporize it. That is because your body will have to digest the food first. Then, the cannabinoids can travel throughout your system, helping with whatever it requires. So, always be patient! Make sure you don’t consume more before effects fully kick in. Like vaping too much, eating or drinking too much of your concentrated CBD can also upset your stomach or cause uncomfortable reactions. With Discover CBD, be patient, take your time, and start with small doses so you can ensure the best experience possible. 

Dosing Your Concentrated Cannabidiol

Dosing your favorite CBD concentrates can be a bit tricky if you don’t know where to start. However, as we mentioned, you shouldn’t be trying this product if you’ve never had CBD before simply because of the high potency.

Even if you’re well-versed in the world of CBD, cannabidiol concentrates are a whole different ball game. Because of this, you probably shouldn’t start with the CBD dosage you’re currently at with other products (or were previously). You don’t have to start with a super low amount, but you also want to give your body ample time to adjust to such a concentrated product. 

Keep in mind your body chemistry: how much you weigh, how tall you are, your metabolism, and even your diet. All of these things can directly influence how much CBD you need to consume for proper results. 

If you’re vaporizing your concentrated CBD for the first time, it’s best to start with about a crumb-sized amount. While this may sound small, it has more than enough CBD packed inside to give you the results you need. With regular cannabis concentrates, this tends to be enough for avid smokers. After a few minutes, if you discover that this amount is doing it for you, you can take another. However, increase the size of your dabs only slightly, as you never want to consume too much at once. 

You can measure your scoops using a dab tool for those who are infusing it into their foods and beverages. Usually, a scoop or spoon tool is best. At first, we’d recommend only doing about half a scoop of CBD concentrate (which equals maybe ½ teaspoon) to start. Again, if you find that this isn’t enough, you can increase your dose to whatever works best for you. Just take your time and let your body adjust. 

High-Quality CBN, CBG, and CBD Concentrates

CBD concentrate comes in lots of different forms. Isolate is a highly concentrated powder form of a cannabinoid. We offer CBD, CBG, and CBN isolate at the highest percentages available. The distillate is generally a broad-spectrum product that contains CBD as well as CBN, CBC, and CBG as well as terpenes, lipids, vitamins, and minerals.

Benefits of High-potency CBD Concentrates

Isolated CBD, CBN., and CBG powders are the most versatile products offered at Discover CBD. Customers often use isolated concentrates to create their own cannabinoid concoctions, easily vaporize high amounts and infuse cannabinoids into their favorite products. Isolated CBD, CBN and CBG powders are relatively tasteless. That is why we designed the Active CBD oil Shatter plus terpenes for the ultimate vaping experience with all the benefits of CBD isolates with the added flavor of cannabis without the THC.

Cost-Effective CBD, CBN, CBG Solutions

For those looking to maximize the number of cannabinoids they consume daily, customers turn to affordable CBD concentrates. In order to use these products effectively, consumers must take the time to properly figure out accurate dosing. We have written several blogs on the best way to measure out our isolate powders as well as several articles on how to infuse products with our concentrates.

Quality Extraction for Maximum Benefits

There are many ways to extract high potency CBD concentrates. One method is using harsh solvents like butane, propane, hexane or you can use supercritical CO2 extraction. Supercritical CO2 extraction is considered one of the safest, cleanest, and most risk-free methods of generating concentrate. Supercritical CO2 extraction involves harvesting and drying hemp which is then ground up and put in a CO2 extraction chamber. Once the plant material is processed, the result is taken out and winterized, then filtered and refined.

Almost all Active CBD oil products are made with CO2 extraction with the exemption being our Active CBD oil full spectrum tinctures which use organic food-grade ethanol extraction. Our methods create some of the best CBD on the market. Get yours now!

How to Find the Best CBD Isolate for Sale

When you’re searching for the best CBD concentrate for sale, look no further than Discover CBD. Discover CBD has an impressive selection of CBD concentrate for sale just for customers like you looking for high-quality, trustworthy products. 

We understand that the current CBD market is flooded with CBD choices, some good and many not. If you’re trying to wade through these choices, it can often feel impossible trying to find a brand that actually cares about you. But that’s why we’re here! Discover CBD prides itself on our diverse product variety for patients of all backgrounds, preferences, and budget ranges. No matter what kind of product you’ve been struggling to find, Discover CBD has excellent options for you — and can send it right to your door.

Discover CBD not only offers some of the best CBD concentrates for sale, but it offers some of the best customer services, too. If you place your order before 1 pm on Monday - Friday (not on any major holidays), we will ship you your products the same day. This means you hardly have to wait at all for your brand-new CBD oil concentrate to arrive! And, if you have any questions or concerns about your products, we have 24-hour service help you can reach out to. Simply put, we make purchasing high-quality CBD easier — and more efficient — than ever before. 

Turn to Discover CBD for the Best CBD Oil Concentrate Options

From our customer service to shipping rates and top-shelf products, you’ll experience everything you want and need from a hemp brand here at Discover CBD. Take a look through our comprehensive collection of CBD oil concentrate options and see which products most appeal to you. If you have any questions about what we sell or need advice on using them, we have all the resources available to you. Don’t be afraid to reach out or check out our CBD news blog. 

Place an order with Discover CBD today and see for yourself just how incredible CBD concentrate oil can be for your health and wellness. The benefits are unique to everyone, allowing you an individualized experience that you can’t get from any other product. Start browsing through our virtual warehouse and pick out the hemp oil concentrate that most appeals to you. Then, you can let Discover CBD handle the rest. 


What is CBD concentrate?

CBD concentrates are CBD extracts that have been further refined or concentrated. This process increases the concentration of cannabidiol, while reducing the size of the oil droplets. The result is a substance with maximum effect.CBD concentrates tend to come in several forms. Many people prefer CBD oils because they're easy to use. Some concentrates are solid, while others come in the form of a viscous liquid. Concentrates can also be compressed into CBD pills or chews.

How to buy the right CBD concentrates?

All the products mentioned above fall under the term "cannabis concentrates''. These are all concentrated forms of cannabis, but in different consistencies and potencies. With so many derivative products on the market today, it's hard to keep track of the differences between CBD oil vs CBD vape or CBD vs CBD wax.Each cannabis concentrate has its own unique benefits and both CBD and CBD have proved clinically effective for a number of conditions, from chronic pain relief to seizure control.

How to use CBD concentrates?

Use CBD Oil Concentrates during the day since they are all active cannabinoids; use high THC oils at night before bed.CBD oil can be used in conjunction with food and drinks. CBD oil use is the preferred method for treating pets, use the same instructions on use as you would use on yourself. Apply orally either by directly ingesting oil from the syringe or use it to create other products.

What is the strongest CBD concentrate?

There are a variety of answers to this question. If one is talking about CBD isolate, there is a clear winner with 99%+ THC free CBD Isolate by volume. The next closest contender would be a blend that has similar concentrations at 30% pure CBD and 4% CBN/CBD. However, if we are talking about CBD in a full spectrum oil with all the cannabinoids and terpenes present at 0.3%, then it's almost like picking between your children! What you should keep in mind when choosing the strongest CBD concentrate is that you want to add as little of your chosen product to your vape pen or favorite e-juice/hardware as possible to get the desired effect.

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