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Full Spectrum CBD

Nowadays, there are a lot of different CBD products on the market for you to choose from. So much so, that shopping for specific products can frequently be confusing when you’re not familiar with the terminology. Here at DiscoverCBD, we want to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible when it comes to CBD products, their different types, and the terms they come with. Today, we’re focusing on what type of CBD product in particular that you’ve likely seen in your local health and wellness shop: full spectrum CBD.

Full spectrum CBD products have exploded in popularity recently, especially as we learn more and more about this unique form of extract. DiscoverCBD is proud to offer our own impressive line of full spectrum CBD products, too! So, let’s get right into it: what is full spectrum CBD and why are people so excited about it?

What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

When you go shopping for CBD, you may notice that your oil or other product has a label on it that says “full-spectrum CBD extract.” But, what does this mean?

To make CBD, extractors must go through a rigorous process of extracting the cannabinoids from the plant material, purifying it, and getting it to the perfect oily form. When doing so, some extractors choose to filter out any and all compounds that aren’t CBD. This creates a pure CBD isolate. While this can be beneficial for those who only want to enjoy CBD, this isn’t everybody’s preference. Thus, that leads us to full spectrum hemp oil extract.

With full spectrum CBD products, professionals will choose to leave in more than just CBD — they include full plant profiles. Thus, these extracts contain CBD, untraceable amounts of THC, minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. The result is a much fuller, more beneficial CBD extract that consumers of all types can benefit from.

Manufacturers will then go and infuse this extract into other products, crafting full-spectrum edibles, full-spectrum vapes, and so much more. Today, you can choose from various CBD full spectrum oil options, tinctures, vapes, edibles, topicals, and even flower.

Keeping all of this information in mind, you might start to wonder, “What’s the point of leaving in the full plant compounds? What are the benefits?” Fair questions! Next, let’s talk about the unique properties that a product like full spectrum CBD can bring.

Full Spectrum CBD Extract and The Entourage Effect

Full spectrum CBD extract has garnered popularity for a lot of reasons, but the main one stems from something called the entourage effect.

Recent studies have shown that full-spectrum extracts produce a fuller, more all-encompassing consumer experience. But, why? Because research demonstrates that when you enjoy all of the hemp’s plant compounds together, it allows the components to work together synergistically. Each component within the cannabis plant has its own unique benefits, and keeping them together helps them flourish, producing a wide range of effects and results. Thus, full spectrum extracts embrace the entourage effect fully by keeping these other compounds present.

We’re still learning more about the entourage effect every day, but research backs up the enhanced potency and efficacy of full-spectrum products over others quite consistently. Of course, you don’t have to choose full spectrum hemp oil with CBD if you don’t want to consume certain cannabinoids like THC. (Don’t worry: we’ll talk about your other options later.) However, it appears that this the best type of extract for fully welcoming the benefits of hemp.

If you’re someone who finds that pure CBD isolate simply doesn’t produce the effects you’d like, then full-spectrum CBD products may be the perfect choice for you. These products are likely going to be stronger and more productive in your system, giving you the results you’ve been looking for.

THC Legality

You may be wondering how full spectrum organic hemp extract is legal in the US if it contains THC. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, farmers can grow and produce hemp and hemp products as long as they don’t contain more than 0.3% THC. Full spectrum CBD products, then, cannot contain more than this or they are illegal federally (unless they’re being sold at a licensed dispensary).

At 0.3% THC, this amount is too small to create any sort of psychoactive effects or intoxicating results. Thus, the federal government deems it appropriate for products to contain this miniscule percentage in full spectrum CBD products.

When you’re purchasing full spectrum CBD oil tincture, make sure to always check the product’s third-party lab-test results. These will demonstrate the exact THC levels within your products, illustrating if they comply with the 2018 Farm Bill or not. At DiscoverCBD, our products are always in line with the strict standards the government outlines regarding hemp production.

Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum CBD: What’s the Difference?

As you’re shopping for your CBD full spectrum oil, you may also come across broad spectrum CBD products. So, what does this mean and how is it different from full spectrum extract?

CBD Full Spectrum Oil

Like we discussed, full spectrum products contain the CBD, THC, minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids to encompass the full range of plant properties. These extracts come in various forms depending on how you want to consume your full spectrum product, giving you a huge selection of options to choose from.

However, not everybody wants to consume THC — and you don’t have to. In the cannabis community, there is a product for everybody. If you’re not a fan of THC, then broad spectrum products are the way to go.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Broad spectrum CBD oil contains a broad range of plant compounds. These extracts have CBD, minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. The only thing they’re missing is the THC. That’s right: all broad spectrum CBD products are 100% THC-free, making them the perfect option for those who cannot consume or do not want to consume THC.

When comparing full spectrum vs broad spectrum CBD, you’ll find that full spectrum is still the better choice. However, broad spectrum products still embrace the entourage effect nicely, just not quite as strong because of the lack of THC. If you want to have a better CBD experience but cannot consume THC, then broad spectrum CBD oil is a good product to get your hands on.

The Benefits of Full Spectrum CBD Products

People turn to full spectrum CBD products for so many different reasons. The benefits behind these all-encompassing oils are extensive and unique, offering consumers support in various ways. Here, we’re touching on some of the main benefits of full-spectrum oil, as well as some of the results you may find.

It’s important for us to establish that every person will find different results from CBD products like full spectrum oils. These products work uniquely with our body’s endocannabinoid system, and we won’t all experience identical results. Thus, when we talk about individual benefits, these are just the ones that are most commonly reported.

Better Efficacy

As we mentioned, one of the biggest advantages of consuming full spectrum hemp extract is the efficacy. These products simply work better than if you’d just isolated CBD all by itself. For consumers who struggle to find CBD products that actually produce the results they want — and the support they need — then full spectrum extracts might be the best choice.

The way that full spectrum hemp products embrace the entourage effect directly plays to the products’ efficacy and potency. When you get all of the benefits of CBD combined with benefits that THC, terpenes, and minor cannabinoids bring, the results you may experience can be incredibly all-encompassing. In fact, a lot of consumers describe these products as bringing more “full-body” results, as you get support from head to toe thanks to all of the different components.

Helps With Pain

People love the support that full-spectrum extracts bring, especially when it comes to helping with pain. Hemp has potent anti-inflammatory properties that can be wonderful for providing a bit of relief whenever you need it most. Full spectrum extracts are ideal for combating pain, as CBD isn’t the only cannabinoid with pain-relieving properties. With these types of extracts, you’ll receive the benefits of dozens of cannabinoids!

Those with chronic pain or more severe complications should turn to full spectrum products as support because of their enhanced potency and all-over results. This type of CBD will produce stronger results than those that are pure CBD, helping you to better manage your pain. Of course, these products won’t completely get rid of your pain, but it can make the discomfort easier to deal with. With consistent consumption, you may notice your pain levels decrease overall.

If you’re someone who has deep-seated, more concentrated pains, then full spectrum CBD topicals may be the perfect choice for you. Topicals are approved nonprescription CBD products that you apply to your skin directly. This allows the cannabinoids to seep into your pores, working with your skin and muscle tissue to provide relief of varying degrees. For those who have specific areas of pain that you can’t easily target with everyday pain medications, try applying some full spectrum CBD lotion, instead.

Relaxes the Mind and Body

Nowadays, finding ways to relax seems nearly impossible. With so much going on in the world, finding a chance to breathe — let alone decompress — isn’t as easy as it used to be. But, with the help of CBD, that might change.

CBD is known for its calming, supportive characteristics that can help relax both the mind and body. As we mentioned above, this cannabinoid is great for helping with pain; this pain may be causing you more mental anguish than you realize. Once this is under control, then you can better focus on doing things for your mental wellbeing — like getting a better night’s rest.

Full-spectrum CBD extracts may be a great way to get your mind to unwind while your body relaxes, helping you successfully drift off into healthy, peaceful sleep. You may not even realize that residual body pain or restless thoughts are what kept you up at night until you had better control of those elements. With CBD full spectrum oil, it might become apparent how much support your mind and body require to get you feeling relaxed and ready for the end of the day. And that’s okay! That’s what CBD is here for in the first place.

You don’t have to enjoy CBD before bed, either. Many consumers find that the mind and body-relaxing properties of CBD are great for the beginning of the day, too, as it gets them started on the right foot. This can be a wonderful way to provide yourself a natural boost of motivation, as the supportive effects of CBD can help get your body back on the right track.

Supports Internal Balance

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of full spectrum hemp products is the way they support your internal balance. Inside our bodies is a system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Your ECS is in charge of regulating various functions throughout the body, from mood to pain to appetite and even immune response.

Unfortunately, with stress and the obstacles life throws our way, it is easy for our ECS to get thrown off balance. When this happens, you’re left feeling uneasy, stressed, and discombobulated overall. You may notice that you’re not eating quite right, digesting your food well, or even sleeping properly.

On your own, re-regulating your ECS can be a tough task to tackle. But, that’s why full spectrum CBD is here to help. The components within full spectrum extracts will work with the ECS to help get the system functioning how it was supposed to. These extracts won’t do this all on their own, but with the support of other healthy lifestyle adjustments, you’ll likely find that you’re feeling better on a daily basis in no time. Soon, your ECS will be balanced again, and you’ll wake up each day on Cloud 9.

Exploring Full Spectrum Hemp Products

We’ve mentioned it a few times, but you can find much more than just full spectrum hemp oil in the CBD market. While these types of CBD oils are easily some of the best — and most effective — product options, you have even more full spectrum product options to choose from. Below, we’ve illustrated some of the most popular CBD full spectrum choices, helping you better understand which one is right for you.

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil CBD

In this piece, we’ve primarily focused on the efficacy of full spectrum organic hemp extract — and for good reason! CBD oils provide one of the most effective consumption methods within the cannabis world: sublingual consumption.

When you put a few drops of full spectrum hemp oil CBD under your tongue, the cannabinoids seep into the mucous membranes in your mouth. This is a fast-track to the bloodstream, allowing effects to kick in within minutes. The journey to the bloodstream isn’t a difficult one, either, so the potency of the product isn’t affected. Instead, you’re left with a potent, fast-acting full-spectrum CBD product that your body will love.

If you’re not a huge fan of the way that CBD tastes, you don’t have to put your full spectrum hemp extract under your tongue. Instead, you can place a few drops into your food or drink to infuse the cannabinoid. Then, you will enjoy your food or drink as you normally would, not even tasting the infused full spectrum oil. When you consume the extract this way, the effects will take much longer to kick in: typically around one to two hours. So, be prepared to be patient! Don’t consume any more CBD until you’re sure that the first round has taken effect.

Topicals and Salves

Another great way to experience the benefits of CBD is through a topical or salve. At DiscoverCBD, we’re proud to offer our high-quality full spectrum salve to any person who needs a bit of support in specific areas throughout the body. With these products, you simply apply a dime-sized amount to the muscle or joint that is hurting and rub the formula in deeply. Massaging the salve in ensures that the full spectrum hemp extract works its way deep into your muscle tissue and pores.

Nearly immediately, you should be able to start to notice the effects of these full spectrum topicals. You won’t have to wait long to know whether or not you need a stronger dose! Plus, with a product like this one, you can reapply the formula all day long, whenever you need it most. Because the cannabinoids don’t actually reach the bloodstream with this kind of application, you don’t have to worry about overconsumption or putting excess THC in the body.

If you’re someone who is worried about accessibility or are intimidated by certain full spectrum CBD products, topicals are a good place to start. These products are extremely easy to apply! Even if you can’t do it yourself, someone else shouldn’t have any problem applying the formula for you. They’re great for all ages and all experience levels.

Edibles, Vapes, and More!

Alongside the ever-popular full spectrum oils and topicals, you will also come across other products like full spectrum edibles, vapes, and even syrups when shopping for these special products. No matter what kind of product you’re looking for, you’re going to find a full spectrum extract version on DiscoverCBD’s website.

The best thing about full spectrum products is how versatile they are. You don’t have to settle for one specific type of product just because that’s all they have. Instead, you have a whole inventory of product options to choose from, and you can safely try each type to see which works best for you. Whether you fall in love with some full spectrum gummies, infused syrups, or even a water-soluble tincture, DiscoverCBD is sure to have the product option of your dreams.

Finding the Best Full Spectrum CBD Products Online

Finding the best full spectrum CBD extract isn’t always easy — especially when you have so many products to choose from. That’s why DiscoverCBD aims to stand out from the rest, producing only the highest-quality CBD and other cannabinoid-based products on the market.

We understand that you’re simply looking for something to better your health and wellness. So, why should that process be so difficult? Here at DiscoverCBD, you simply scroll through our online inventory of CBD full spectrum oil and see what options you like most. Then, you’ll place an order, and we will ship your product the same day, as long as you order before 1 pm Monday-Friday.

Our team doesn’t want you to have to wait for your full spectrum blends. Instead, they’ll arrive right at your doorstep, ready to be consumed, before you know it.

If you’re ever curious about our products’ quality or how we make them, you can always check out our third-party lab-test results. These test results demonstrate the cannabinoid levels in our products, their purity, and other important quality-control standards. When you see this, you’ll know for a fact that you can trust the experts behind DiscoverCBD.

Purchase High-Quality Full Spectrum Oil With DiscoverCBD

Now, you know practically everything you need to know about full spectrum CBD oils and what it has to offer. The next time you want to try out some new hemp derived CBD products, log onto DiscoverCBD and choose from our impressive selection of full spectrum products. If you’re ready to buy some for yourself, head on over to our selection of full spectrum CBD products by clicking here. You’ll gain access to all the full spectrum product options we have available, helping you decide which ones you want to try out first.

If you have any questions about our products, extraction methods, or even CBD extracts in general, you can always contact us. Our team is here to help 24/7, as we want you to feel comfortable and confident when buying your full spectrum CBD extracts. This way, you can fill your virtual shopping cart with ease.


What is full spectrum CBD ?

CBD, or cannabidiol is one of many active cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Full spectrum CBD is a full-spectrum extract of hemp oil, with all cannabinoids and terpenes included. This means full spectrum CBD will include CBN, CBC, CBG, Terpenes - as well as (obviously), THC, the cannabinoid in cannabis that gets you "high."

How to use full spectrum CBD oil?

There are several ways to use full spectrum CBD oil. The most popular way is orally. You can either take a few drops at a time or you can swallow a capsule filled with the product. Full spectrum CBD oil doesn't have an unpleasant taste, so it's easy to ingest this way. You can also smoke full spectrum CBD concentrate if you have a vape pen or a similar device.

Where to buy full spectrum CBD oil online?

Are you looking where to buy full spectrum CBD oil online? There are many reasons why people want to know how to buy CBD oil. The benefits of this supplement are widely known and have shown promising results in treating a wide range of ailments. In our shop you can buy premium CBD oil online with quiqly delivery.

How important full spectrum CBD?

In a world full of full spectrum CBD products, companies are using full spectrum CBD oil in their products to promote a clean and natural product. Full spectrum CBD is one of the most controversial supplements today. While full spectrum CBD proponents tout its supposed medical benefits due to the fact that full-spectrum contains low levels of THC and higher levels of other cannabinoids such as full spectrum CBD, full-spectrum skeptics argue that full-spectrum is a “fad” product.

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