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Delta 8

Delta-8-THC is nearly identical in chemical structure to the version of THC we are all familiar with in medical cannabis. The slight difference in chemical structure means intoxicating effects are diminished, however, many people described experiencing a strong, calming feeling. Delta-8-THC could be beneficial in combination with CBD, other cannabinoids, and terpenes to produce a stronger entourage effect than using any isolate, broad, or full-spectrum product alone. 

Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while using Delta-8. The similarity in chemical structures between Delta-8 and traditional THC means a standard drug test will not be able to differentiate between the two. Do not use if you are subject to standard drug testing.

Strain Snobs - Delta 8 Distillate Cartridge

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Strain Snobs - Delta 8 Tincture

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Strain Snobs - Delta 8 Gummies

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Strain Snobs - Delta 8 Chocolate

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Strain Snobs - Delta 8 Salve

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Strain Snobs - Delta 8 Dabs

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Delta 8 THC Ultimate Starter Kits

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