We pride ourselves on fast and accurate shipping and are one of the fastest CBD suppliers to ship products in the nation. Discover CBD ships 99%+ products same day Mon-Fri if order is placed before 1pm. The exceptions to this are: -No shipping on National holidays (postal does not run and were not open) -No Shipping Gummie products or other temperature sensitive items during summer or hot times on Friday. (ice packs only last 48 hours so if it needs an ice-pack we will not ship the day before a weekend or the products will melt. -Occasionally we can be backordered on an item or we could be backed up 48-72 hours if its a high volume shipping holiday (Black Friday, Cyber Monday etc). -Weather delays, On occasion weather can delay us being able to reach our shipping facility (Snow, tornadoes etc) in which case your items will be shipped as soon as the weather subsides. If you ever have any questions at all you can email our shipping department at Shipping@DiscoverCBD.com directly or call our front desk at 1-888-875-HEMP (4367) and you will receive a response within 24 hrs Mon-Fri