Lower on this page you will find archived lab results.  For the most up to date Active CBD oil lab results please go HERE

Transparency is key when dealing with dietary supplements and we know that. 

We feel that it's important to provide certified lab analyses of all of our products to our customers. What you want to see in a lab report are the milligrams of CBD (cannabidiol) you paid for. This is why we have prepared this list of COAs (Certificates of Analysis), as well as lab reports of all of our products as they come to us.
Lab Results from other brands we carry: 3rd Party Company Lab Results
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Pesticide Results
Active Gold 25% Oil
Active Green 17% Oil
Active CBD Full Spectrum Green Oil
Active CBD Oil Isolate
ISO-1017 (pending)
Active CBD Oil Shatter
Active CBD Oil CBG
Active CBD Terpenes 
Active CBD Water Soluble Powder
Active CBD Oil Gummies
Active Capsules
Active 1 oz Water Soluble Tinctures
TIN-1031 (pending 7/15)
TIN-1032 (pending 7/15)
TIN-1038 (pending)
Active CBD Oil 2 oz MCT Tinctures 
Active CBD Oil E-Juice
Active CBD Oil Lip Balm
Active CBD Oil Salve
Roll On
Active CBD Oil Roll-On
1000 mg Vape Additive
Active CBD Oil Dog Tincture - Bacon
Active CBD Oil Dog Treats
Active CBD Oil Bath Bombs
Cheyann Shaw Collection: 
Cheyann Shaw Signature Gummies
Cheyann Shaw Signature Tinctures


Cheyann Shaw Signature Bath Bombs 


Cheyann Shaw Signature Dog Biscuits (Organic)


Cheyann Shaw Signature Dog Tincture - Bacon