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Full Spectrum CBD Capsules 30mgFull Spectrum CBD Capsules 30mg with CBDV, CBGA, CBG, CBN, CBC, and THC
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CBD capsules are perfect for people who are looking for relief to last all day. CBD capsules typically last around 8-10 hours which is why customers prefer to use CBD capsules for sleep, pain, stress and recovery. CBD capsules are easy to take daily and are available in both broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD formulations.
The strongest CBD capsule is the Active CBD oil Water Soluble Broad Spectrum Capsules. Since this product is water soluble, you only need to take one capsule per day compared to up to 3 capsules of the same dosage of an oil based CBD capsule. Our capsules also contain trace amounts of synergistic cannabinoids and natural terpenes to enhance the potential benefits for your body.
Customers who are using CBD capsules for sleep find best results by taking a CBD capsule one hour before bed. Customers who want to use CBD to help them fall asleep typically will take their CBD capsule around two hours before bed to help with stress and to calm the mind when winding down for the day. If you are looking for the best cbd to help you stay asleep all night, customers prefer to use cbd capsules for better sleep since they last around 8-10 hours. Most customers report that even though they use CBD capsules for sleep, they do not feel drowsy the next day.
Whether you decide to take your CBD capsule with or without food depends on the type of CBD pill you have purchased. Oil based CBD capsules that contain ingredients such as CBD isolate or MCT oil are generally taken with food. Since oil based CBD capsules are broken down in your stomach and liver, taking these capsules with food can help them absorb better and faster than taking them without food. Our Active CBD oil water soluble capsules do not need to be taken with food since they are designed to absorb directly and efficiently into your body.