Strain Snobs Delta 8 THC Dab Review

If you are curious about this new product featuring one of the less well known hemp-derived cannabinoids, delta-8-THC, check out our review below!

First, what is Delta-8-THC?

Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-8-THC) is a minor cannabinoid naturally produced by both hemp and marijuana varieties of cannabis. Delta-8 is also commonly written as delta 8, d8-THC or simply just d8. Delta can also be indicated by the symbol Δ, as in Δ8-THC. 

delta 8 molecule (delta-8-thc)

The effects of delta-8 differ considerably from CBD or CBG, which are considered non-intoxicating and are not able to produce the classic cannabis high. Unlike CBD or CBG, delta-8 is potentially capable of producing effects normally associated with marijuana. 

Delta-8-THC is similar to delta-9-THC, the well known active molecule from cannabis which produces many of the effects of marijuana, including intoxication. Each form of THC, delta-8 and delta-9, are nearly identical in chemical structure, and therefore, the body responds in nearly the same way when each is consumed. However, due to the slight difference between delta-8 and delta-9, the effects people experience can also vary. Generally delta-9 is considered to be more potent than delta-8 in terms of its marijuana-like effects. Although, as my experience with the Strain Snobs delta-8 dabs demonstrates, delta-8-THC is fully capable of producing sufficient effects with doses similar to delta-9-THC. 

To learn more about the difference between the varieties of THC that are available, check out our blog: What is with these THC numbers? Delta-8 vs Delta-9 vs Delta-10.


What are delta-8 dabs? 

Dabs are a type of concentrated extract popular in the marijuana industry that are consumed by vaping. Generally these are products with high percentages of THC, and the best ones are rich in terpenes that provide strong aromas. Dabbing, or the act of vaporizing a dab, requires special tools and often vape carts are an easier introduction to vaping delta-8. However, for those who are familiar with dabbing, the route of consumption provides strong effects quickly and allows for a wide range of dose sizes. Concentrates like our delta-8 dabs and other cannabinoid isolates can be used for many things including making tinctures, salves, edibles, etc, but thankfully due to their pure form, they can also be dabbed. 

Cannabis Dab Rig for vaporizing cannabinoids


Now for the actual product review, finally! 

Strain Snobs Delta 8 THC Dab is a company with an excellent reputation, having been in the e-cig industry for over ten years. delta 8 tried to develop their own electronic cigarette, but after several attempts they realized that there were companies out there who already had more experience and technology available, which delta 8 dab delta 8 found very helpful. delta 8 then moved on to designing e-liquid flavors , all of them made using GMP certified laboratories with the highest quality ingredients. 

 This company is responsible for manufacturing several high quality products such as King Tut Kush, Purple Urkle and Sour Lemon Haze. The content of delta 8 THC Dabs is about 47% which means that this is one of the most potent concentrates available in the market today. However, if you are thinking about purchasing delta 8 C02 oil but don't know anything about it or have questions in mind then read on because in article we will review all the important aspects related to this cannabis concentrate.


The THC Dabs by Strain Snobs is the company's latest creation which has a lot of potential for a number of medical applications. According to TMMR, delta 8 THC dabs can be an excellent choice for those looking for pain relief, cancer patients and it would also make a good alternative treatment for children who suffer from epilepsy. In addition, delta 8 THC dabs will provide you with anti-inflammatory effects without any psychoactive effect because this extract does not contain any amount of THC in it. This means that you can get your desired result without getting high at all. On the other hand, if you are looking to get high then another option will be better suited for you which can be found here.

 Good thing about the delta 8 THC Dabs by Strain Snobs

Another good thing about the delta 8 THC Dabs by Strain Snobs is that it can be used to make concentrates at home if you have a decent dab rig. The company says that the extract has been sent to the lab for testing and according to TMMR, this extract was tested three times in order to ensure its quality. All these tests showed positive results which means that delta 8 THC dabs are top notch grade products that are meant to provide pain relief, stress reduction, cancer treatment etc.


The latest creation by Strain Snobs comes with 1/2 gram containers which need to be heated using titanium or quartz nails or carb cap. When you heat up your container then the yellowish tinge of the concentrate will turn into a nice amber color. After that, you need to place the concentrate on your nail and then apply heat from below using a torch or a lighter. This is how you can vaporize delta 8 THC dabs at home without any further steps to be considered.


According to TMMR, Strain Snobs has manufactured this product by utilizing the C02 extraction method which usually takes about 5 hours for completion. In addition, other ingredients such as terpenes have been used in order to improve flavor and other attributes of delta 8 THC dabs so it could also serve as an excellent option for those looking for medical marijuana products with an entourage effect.

As soon as I tried my first dab of delta-8, I was impressed! Previously I have tried our delta-8 vape carts and while I enjoyed them, vape carts have never had a big appeal to me, so I was excited to finally have a concentrated form of delta-8-THC available to dab. 


 Hemp-derived delta-8-THC

These delta-8 dabs by Strain Snobs are made with hemp-derived delta-8-THC distillate that is infused with terpenes and available in 1 gram containers. Different combinations of terpenes provide unique aromas and flavors between the 3 offerings: OG Kush, ChemDawg, and Grape Ape. The terpenes can potentially impact the effects of the delta-8 through the entourage effect, which personally leads to slight differences in the experience of each variety. 

Overall, I have found my experiences so far with delta-8-THC products to be very positive, and the delta-8 dabs were no different. Initially, since I have a tolerance to delta-9, I was not sure if a version of THC that research suggests is less potent would even be very noticeable. However, I have been surprised by delta-8’s strength and by the difference in effect from delta-9-THC when dabbing. With each of the three delta-8 and terpene combinations I tried, I dabbed an amount similar to the size of a dab I would use for delta-9-THC from local medical marijuana dispensaries. Each of these three delta-8 dab flavors were tried on different days to get a clear picture of any differences between them. 

Strain snobs delta 8 OG Kush Dabs

I tried dabbing the OG Kush option first. The consistency of the distillate is like a very thick syrup, which makes it tricky to get onto the dab tool. Pulling the tool out of the distillate quickly creates strings of distillate, much like cheese trailing from a forkful of hot lasagna. I found scooping a bit up and twisting the tool several times before pulling away helps to thin out and break the trailing strand of distillate more easily. After heating the rig with my torch and inhaling the dab, the terpenes were prominent initially, with notes of earth, wood, and pine upfront, then the flavor transitioned to a vaguely familiar cannabinoid distillate taste at the end. Although the flavor was different from a medical marijuana extract, there was no objectionable artificial flavoring. The terpenes certainly helped improve the flavor or the delta-8 distillate in my opinion. 

I quickly noticed my body felt relaxed after dabbing the delta-8. My mind also calmed, with my normal, pervasive anxiety fading away, leaving me happy and peaceful. Delta-8 seemed to produce a tranquil sense of mindfulness, where I was able to sit for a few minutes and simply appreciate the experience in that moment.

Meditation on Sentinel Point summit, Colorado

The effects of delta-8 vs delta-9 were similar to me, yet they are also different enough that it seems difficult to compare the potency of each directly. Personally, the OG Kush delta-8 dab seemed like my head was more clear, and it produced less sedation and mental fogginess initially than delta-9. However, the physical relaxation and mental calmness was more pronounced. Another noticeable difference was that the effects of delta-8 faded away more quickly, suggesting that delta-9 has a longer duration than delta-8. 

Second, I tried the ChemDawg dabs. The smell of the distillate before dabbing had a sharp, astringent, chemical-like aroma which I was surprised could be produced by the terpenes infused into the distillate. I was unsure if I would like the taste, but once I dabbed the ChemDawg, the flavor was an enjoyable combination of light, upfront chemical notes initially that settled into deeper tones of juniper with hints of pine. The distillate flavor of the delta-8 was less pronounced to me, but perhaps that was only due to knowing to expect it. This combination of terpenes with the delta-8 seems to modify the effects for me slightly. A noticeable, but not uncomfortable, sensation in my head that I associate with THC, like mild pressure around my eyes and forehead, formed quickly after dabbing. The slight mental haziness that I associate with the classic effects of cannabis also developed rapidly which differed from when I tried the OG Kush. The mental effects were also accompanied by mild relief in my body from the stress and discomfort after a long, hard day of hiking, but it was not as noticeable as with the OG.

I tried the terpene and delta-8 dab offering named Grape Ape last. I noticed the flavor was more subtle than the others and reminiscent of berry or grape tones, along with a slight floral quality. Artificial grape flavorings are not my favorite, so I was happy this had a more natural taste and initial aroma. The effect for me was nearly a split between the OG Kush and the ChemDawg, consisting of a blend of the mind and body effects I noticed with each. Interestingly, my appetite was significantly increased after using the Grape Ape, which is a positive aspect for me that was not noticed with the other two dabs flavors, although it may have been caused by another factor such as hiking the previous day.

Grape Ape

Compared to the previous forms of delta-8 I have more experience using, which mostly include delta-8 edibles such as our gummies and chocolate, dabbing the delta-8 produces a noticeable effect much more quickly.  However, dabbing also comes with a drawback. The effects wear away more rapidly than with edibles or tinctures, so these routes may be a better option to consider than dabbing if a longer duration of effect is needed. An increase in my appetite has been produced more consistently by edibles than shorter acting forms of delta-8 as well. Delta-8 also increases my appetite noticeably more than delta-9 in general, which may or may not have something to do with my tolerance to delta-9. 

I was very pleased with the opportunity to try this new product. The ChemDawg variety intrigued me most, with the unusual flavor and strong effect in the mind, so it was the first one I used again. I also liked the OG Kush, since I enjoyed the forest-toned flavors and overall calming effect. Although these products will not be replacing my medical flower, I appreciate having them as additions to the other delta-8 products for the days I want something a little different. 

If you decide delta-8 is something you would like to try, keep in mind that your experience may differ from mine. I have a tolerance to delta-9-THC which should theoretically reduce my sensitivity to delta-8. Whenever trying a new cannabinoid, the best approach is to start with small amounts and gradually increase the dosage if desired, after learning how a small dose affects you. 

Before using delta-8, be sure to keep in mind these safety considerations as well:

Keep out of reach of children.

Must be 21 years of age or older to purchase.

May cause intoxicating effects. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery.

Do not use if pregnant or nursing.

If diagnosed with any health conditions or if using any medication, consult your physician prior to using. 

May affect blood pressure, heart rate, and/or intraocular pressure.

Delta-8 metabolites will likely show up as a positive on a drug test for delta-9-THC. 

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any conditions.


Strain Snobs hemp flower and delta 8 THC products

Check out our wide selection of delta-8 and other hemp-derived cannabinoid products! Consider adding these to your hemp routine for a complete cannabis experience!


What is Delta 8 dabs?

Well, delta-8 dabs are a form of dronabinol. You may have heard of other forms like Marinol that are FDA approved for use as antiemetics for chemotherapy patients, and as appetite stimulants for people who have AIDS. Dronabinol is a pharmaceutical drug designed to contain the same "active" ingredients in cannabis - most notably THC, which is one of several cannabinoids that make up delta-8 dabs. One important distinction between dronabinol and natural marijuana extractions is that it has no CBD, which is why it's not recommended for pain management.

How to use Delta-8 dabs?

Here we're going to go into how you use delta-8 dabs and some potential effects that might occur. Delta-8 is a synthetic form of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. If you want to experience the psychoactive effects of delta-8, then you'll need to use it in an alternative form.

Before trying Delta-8 dabs, you should know that it has a higher boiling point than delta-9. This means that heating it up will take longer and be more difficult to do. What this will do is allow you to use less Delta-8 in your dabs than when using Delta-9. This will give you more time with the high before it wears off, instead of feeling like you need to take another dose so soon after.

What are the effects of Delta-8 dabs?

The effects of delta-8 dabs will depend on the reasons for which they were consumed. For example, if delta-8 dabs are used for medical purposes, the effects will be different from those that affect recreational users. Generally speaking, consumers of Delta-8 dabs should expect a heady high with lots of mental activity and perhaps even mild psychedelic effects.

What is the difference between Delta-8 dabs and Delta-9?

Delta-8 dabs is a synthetic cannabinoid compound that is not found in the natural marijuana plant. It was created as a result of novice mistakes during cannabis manufacturing processes, or by analysing differences between naturally occurring chemical structures and those found in the brain on a molecular level. Since it has been synthesized, delta-8 has been proven to be more potent than marijuana's Delta-9 THC.

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