CBD, Nausea, and Anxiety

CBD, Nausea, and Anxiety

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Chances are at one point in your life you have experienced the feeling of being nauseated or anxious. If you haven’t then you are very lucky that you have not experienced it, because it is one of the most uncomfortable and uncontrollable feelings our bodies can have.  “Anxiety and stress can affect virtually every body system. This includes your cardiovascular, endocrine, musculoskeletal, nervous, reproductive, and respiratory systems.”  And one of the most prominent symptoms of anxiety for many people is nausea. In this blog we will explore what nausea is, what causes it, how anxiety affects nausea, and how CBD may be able to help. 
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How Might CBD Impact Depression?

cannabidiolSeth B
We've all felt the “daily blues” at one time or another, but for some people, the feelings of sadness and an inability to enjoy themselves become s...
Is Cannabidiol an Option for People with OCD?

Is Cannabidiol an Option for People with OCD?

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Most people, at one time or another, have decided that they needed to hit the lock button on their car key a second time, or have double-checked to...
CBD and Herniated Spinal Discs - An opinion piece

CBD and Herniated Spinal Discs - An opinion piece

active cbdAlec T
Bulging Discs can be a huge pain in the back! With more people finding success with CBD we are noticing that there are possibly issues that CBD can help with! Bulging discs are caused by inflammation in the spinal cord and CBD has been known to have anti-inflammatory properties that could help with these pains that arise due to herniated discs.
Ian's Depression and CBD Blog Post

Ian's Depression and CBD Blog Post

ActiveDiscoverCBD.com Administrator
New research shows potential benefits from CBD oil for those living with Depression.

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