CBD and Drug Interactions

CBD and Drug Interactions

cbd isolateCindy Newkirk
One of the most frequently asked questions in store and online is whether CBD will interact with medications. The answer really depends on what medication you are taking and how you are consuming CBD! 
Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome: Could CBD be the Silver Bullet?

Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome: Could CBD be the Silver Bullet?

Active CBD oilChris Howard
CBD presents an astounding array of potential benefits to those in recovery from addiction: alleviating symptoms associated with post-acute withdrawals, managing triggers, and helping individuals cease behaviors that predict relapse. Many people already use CBD to manage pain, stress, and a variety of physical and psychological disorders. If you are in recovery from addiction, and in light of all the evidence supporting the use of CBD to assist in the recovery process, why wouldn’t you add CBD to your toolkit?
Vitamin D3: What's the Deal?

Vitamin D3: What's the Deal?

#activecbdoilMadison Marcy
Vitamin D is often referred to as the “sunshine vitamin” as it is made naturally in the body when skin is exposed to the UV rays from the sun.This vitamin can be found in certain fortified foods like cereal and dairy products as well.

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