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Lab Reports

Transparency is key when dealing with dietary supplements and we know that. 

We feel that it's important to provide certified lab analyses of all of our products to our customers.   What you want to see in a lab report are the milligrams of CBD (Cannabidiol) you paid for, and proof that there are no pesticides, heavy metals, or biological contaminants.  We want you to know about the companies we work with and their reputation, and we want you to have all the information you need in one place that is easy to access and easy to read.

This is why we have prepared this list of COA's (Certificates of Analysis), as well as lab reports of all of our products as they come to us.  We do our best to make sure all reports are up to date and accurate, and we have also included links to all of our vendor's websites so you can see who they are first-hand.  We also work very hard to keep our prices the lowest in the industry, and you may see that as you browse through the links below.  This list is always changing as new products, flavors and/or varieties are made, so if you do not see the report you are looking for, please feel free to email us or check back in a week or two.

Cannavest Corp

      Cannavest Certificate of analysis for PlusCBD oils

      Cannavest Lab reports for PlusCBDoil

      Visit Cannavest Corps website

HempMedspx Lab reports

      Dew drops Cinnamon Certificate of analysis

      Dew drops Peppermint Certificate of analysis

      Dew drops Unflavored Certificate of analysis

      Dixie Botanicals analysis report (Heavy metals testing etc)

      RSHO Real Scientific Hemp Oil lab reports

      Visit HempMedspx website

Hemp Health inc Lab reports

      Pharma CBD Capsules lab analysis

      Pharma CBD Spray Tincture 1oz lab analysis

      Pharma CBD Spray Tincture 2oz lab analysis

      Pharma CBD oil 17% lab analysis

      Pharma CBD oil 24% lab analysis

      Hemp Hookahzz E-Juice Lab analysis

      Visit Hemp Health Inc. website

      Hemp Hookahzz website

Green Garden Gold Lab reports (All products made with Endoca brand hemp oil)

      Green Garden Gold Endoca Certificate of analysis for vape oil base

      Green Garden Gold Endoca Lab analysis for vape oil base

      Green Garden Gold website

Iris Candies

      Iris Candies website

      Casa Luna Chocolates website

Alternate Vape

      Alternate vape oils E-Juice certificate of analysis

      CBD isolate in "Alternate Vape" certificate of analysis