You now have the option to sign up for a subscription through Discover CBD. Now you won’t have to worry about running out of your favorite Active CBD Oil or Active Nutritionals products. The best part- you can cancel after three months or continue for as long as you'd like. Signing up is easy! All of your favorite products now have an option to sign up for a subscription immediately.

Screenshot of Active CBD Oil product page with subscription option listed under the price of the product.

Don’t worry- the default option is always set to single purchase, you have to select the box yourself if you would like to purchase using a subscription. This way you are never signed up for something that you don’t want!

Screenshot that isolates the boxes under the price of the product for purchase. The top box says "One time purchase" followed by the price of the item. The second box says "Subscribe and save 5%" followed by the discounted price.  

Once you choose what products you want on subscription you will proceed to checkout and follow the prompts for information. Only the items that you selected as subscription will be reoccurring on your order.

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