CBD & Chronic Pain: How Colder Weather Can Change the Pain

CBD & Chronic Pain: How Colder Weather Can Change the Pain

Active salveMorgan Adler
With the colder months approaching, many people will experience chronic pain. Studies have shown that CBD could be the answer to alleviating chronic pain/ soreness. Let’s break down the ways in which chronic pain and cold weather are related as well as how CBD may be the help your body wants.  
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Sun Exposure in the Mile High City

Active salveTanya Martin
 Living in the Mile High City we are at a higher risk for sunburn, as we increase in altitude there is less atmosphere to block sunlight so we are naturally exposed to elevated UV levels. 
CBD and Female Reproductive Health

CBD and Female Reproductive Health

#activecbdoilMadison Marcy
Millions of people worldwide struggle with the symptoms that come with having a uterus including menstruation, menopause and/or many of the complicated disorders involved in this particular system. Dating back to ancient times, people have used cannabis in several different forms in order to treat the symptoms of menstruation, menopause, and other disorders such as endometriosis.

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