Cannabidiol and Chemotherapy

Cannabidiol and Chemotherapy

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Parker et al. stated that CBD can activate the CB receptors, causing them to activate other cells in a part of the brain called the terminal forebrain. In animal studies, CBD-related activation caused rats to show fewer reactions consistent with nausea when compared to a placebo, or even to conventional medications used to treat chemotherapy nausea. Future studies may explore whether these results have implications for humans as well.
Cannabidiol Research and Clinical Trials

Get Involved: CBD Clinical Trials

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Research into the effects of cannabinoids, including cannabidiol, continues to progress into exploring an astonishing variety of systems and disorders. Although government restrictions on cannabis research hindered advancement until very recently, currently research has been blooming. If you would like to take part in this research and further our understanding of the biological mechanisms underlying the relief provided by the endocannabinoid system - check out the current clinical trials involving CBD. Many are currently recruiting participants all across the country - you could get involved!
Could CBD Have an Impact on Brain Cancer?

Could CBD Have an Impact on Brain Cancer?

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Brain cancer is an illness most people, fortunately, will never encounter, but it is still undoubtedly a health threat that is present in the Unite...
Endocannabinoids: How Do They Impact Digestion?

Endocannabinoids: How Do They Impact Digestion?

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You may have seen a recent Facebook post where bees are being used to make a new type of cannabis infused honey. It’s all the rage lately and has c...

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