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CBD News — CBD and digestion

New CBD Edibles at DiscoverCBD!

Posted by Melinda Bloch on

At Discover CBD, we are always trying to find new products to stock our shelves with the best selection of CBD products. We are happy to announce a few new items to our site. We are expanding our Green Roads edible collection! Our new edible collection includes new flavors of CBD syrups, CBD fruit strips, CBD hard candies and 30mg CBD lollipops! Check out our brand new items today. 

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CBD and Weight Loss

Posted by Austin Angeleri on

One of the subtler, yet heavier epidemics facing our country has to do with weight loss. Recent studies show that CBD has a very positive effect on weight loss. CBD interacts with the bodies’ Endocannabinoid System, which has been recently linked with playing “an important role in how the body regulates energy (calorie) balance, as well as carbohydrate and fat metabolism.” (Leafly, 2015) In short, it does a wide variety of things in our bodies to make sure the body is in tip top shape, and CBD literally feeds it by interacting with system’s cannabinoid receptors.   The Endocannabinoid System...

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Endocannabinoids: How Do They Impact Digestion?

Posted by Seth B on

It's no secret that people make use of cannabidiol (CBD) as a supplement for a large number of reasons. One of the most well-known reasons is that CBD is said, by some people, to reduce the nausea and vomiting that can accompany illnesses like cancer and the drugs that are used to treat them. Other people have reported to this author that CBD products have seemed to aid in their digestion, and one personal interview with a farmer revealed that he had successfully given his pigs CBD oil supplements for ulcers! But you might well ask, why should this possible...

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