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CBD News — CBD and epilepsy

Developmental Disabilities, Brain Injury, and CBD

Posted by Chris Howard on

In general, those with developmental disabilities or traumatic brain injury and their guardians look to CBD for relief after running the gauntlet of conventional therapies and becoming discouraged by distressing adverse effects. Many of these individuals do find relief with CBD products, and find that their relief comes without any unwanted side effects.

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Get Involved: CBD Clinical Trials

Posted by Corey Hartley on

Research into the effects of cannabinoids, including cannabidiol, continues to progress into exploring an astonishing variety of systems and disorders. Although government restrictions on cannabis research hindered advancement until very recently, currently research has been blooming. If you would like to take part in this research and further our understanding of the biological mechanisms underlying the relief provided by the endocannabinoid system - check out the current clinical trials involving CBD. Many are currently recruiting participants all across the country - you could get involved!

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Can Cannabidiol Alleviate Dravet Syndrome?

Posted by Seth B on

Dravet syndrome is perhaps not a household word for many people, but for the families it impacts, the effects can be devastating. This cognitive disease affects around 1 out of every 20,000 infants born, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. It tends to manifest around five to eight months of age, beginning as multiple onsets of seizures related to fevers. These are followed by other forms of seizures, problems sleeping, having hyperactivity and attention difficulties, and trouble acquiring motor, language, and social skills. In the worst cases, a constant, persistent seizure known as status epilepticus can...

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Key Differences Between CBD and THC

Posted by Leah Concialdi on

  We all choose to consume cannabinoids for different reasons. Some people take CBD as a daily supplement and others take it because it helps ease the side effects of various conditions such as cancer, epilepsy, chronic pain, and beyond. Some people consume marijuana for recreational purposes and the “high” and others for its medicinal properties. Regardless of your personal reasons, it can be confusing to take inventory on exactly what THC and CBD do and their key differences. If you’re seeking out CBD for medical purposes or as a supplement, often times you don’t want the high associated with...

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CBD and Epilepsy: A Fresh Look at New Studies

Posted by Nate Hemmert on

Epilepsy, which affects more people than multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and Parkinson's combined (yet receives fewer Federal dollars per patient than each of these), seems to be one of the most well-known examples of anecdotal evidence regarding CBD, especially if you live here in Colorado. Whether it’s Charlotte’s Web (we’ll touch on why it’s named that a bit later) or the droves of out-of-staters coming here to seek relief, chances are you’ve at least heard about the effects of CBD on epilepsy and other similar diseases. Despite the fear that CBD-rich marijuana extracts can potentially increase the risk...

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