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CBD News — cbd for veterans

Can Cannabidiol Help With Alcohol And Substance Misuse?

Posted by Seth B on

Updated 02/26/2018 New Studies  Human civilizations have had a long and complex relationship with mind-altering substances, an issue that remains true even today. Around two-thirds of American adults drink some form of alcohol, according to a Gallup poll, and a growing number of adults smoke marijuana as state laws and cultural norms continue to evolve. Most people who choose to drink alcohol are responsible users, having a glass of wine with dinner, or occasionally a couple of drinks while watching sports or going out with friends. However, there are a minority of drinkers who cannot control their intake. Alcohol-related health...

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CBD and PTSD: Is there a connection?

Posted by Nate Hemmert on

Updated 2/23/2018 New Studies   There is this concept that the only people who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are combat veterans, and while many vets do (and their sacrifices are greatly appreciated), it’s estimated that 70% of American adults have experienced an extremely stressful event at least once in their lives. Where this doesn’t always result in PTSD, it does go to show how our lives have become much more stressful over the years. Whether it's a car accident, a natural disaster or, sadly, a shooting, tragic and stressful events are occurring every day.While we can generally process...

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Veterans May Soon Have Access to Marijuana Derived CBD oil

Posted by Rachelle Gordon on

In a groundbreaking move, the United States Congress has decided to allow veterans to discuss cannabis as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), chronic pain, and other ailments with their Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) doctors in states that have legalized medical marijuana. For many vets, this is a sigh of relief as they will finally be able to gain legal access to domestically grown marijuana derived CBD and other products without the worry of losing disability benefits. Since cannabis is still illegal on a federal level, the VA previously refused to discuss any CBD whether derived from hemp...

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