Cannabinoids and Gastrointestinal Disorders

Cannabinoids and Gastrointestinal Disorders

#activecbdoilTim Faulkner
A recent study found that an astonishing number of people, nearly 40% of adults, suffer from some form of functional gastrointestinal disorder (FGD...
Common Myths about CBD

Common Myths about CBD

#cbdgummiesTim Faulkner
As cannabidiol (CBD) rises in popularity so do myths and misconceptions about the cannabinoid. In recent years more and more positive research has come out about the potential health benefits of CBD but many people are misinformed or have misconceptions about CBD. Some of these myths include the idea that CBD is illegal, CBD gets you high, CBD means ‘good’ but THC means ‘bad’, CBD has no side effects, and CBD is a “cure all” for any issue. This blog will explore each of these points and offer an explanation and information about each of these misconceptions.

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