Benefits of Hemp Plastic Over Traditional Plastic

Benefits of Hemp Plastic Over Traditional Plastic

CBD researchLeah Concialdi
What if there was a way to manufacture the majority of what we use that has a reduced carbon footprint, is renewable and biodegradable and has almo...
10 Amazing Facts About Hemp!

10 Amazing Facts About Hemp!

10 uses for hempLeah Concialdi
Hemp has been making recent headway in the news as it has both practical and wellness purposes. It has also been heralded for its versatility to be...
Active CBD oil, Active CBD oil vape, CBD vape juice, CBD e-liquid

CBD Oil Vape Juices and E-juices Explained

cbd Administrator
They have finally arrived! Levi's Watermelon and Real Terp Blend flavors have entered the vape scene here at Discover CBD! Most of us have seen al...

Casa Luna CBD Cacao Nibs Product Review at

Buy Administrator
Today we are reviewing Casa Luna CBD Cacao Nibs. In case you weren't already aware, Casa Luna has been making "bean to bar" CBD infused chocolate b...

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