Vitamin D3: What's the Deal?

Vitamin D3: What's the Deal?

#activecbdoilMadison Marcy
Vitamin D is often referred to as the “sunshine vitamin” as it is made naturally in the body when skin is exposed to the UV rays from the sun.This vitamin can be found in certain fortified foods like cereal and dairy products as well.
Symbiosis of Hemp and Bees

Symbiosis of Hemp and Bees

beebreadZach Ashcraft
Among the several different types of symbiotic relationships, hemp and bees have a mutualistic relationship where each organism benefits from their interactions with each other. As bees are foraging for pollen as a food source from hemp they also transfer the pollen from male to female hemp plants which aids in pollination.
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Hemp and Nutrition

2018 Farm BillTanya Martin

With the 2018 farm bill, it is finally legal to grow hemp under the regulations set forth therein. The uses for hemp are vast and long-reaching with the potential to replace many products that negatively impact the environment as well as provide us with supplements that could enrich our diets and health. 

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