Terpenes, What Are They?

Terpenes, What Are They?

CBD and terpenesMadison Marcy
What Are Terpenes? Definition The word “terpene” refers to the highly aromatic compounds that are found in plant materials of all kinds, this incl...
Essential Oils and Terpenes

Essential Oils and Terpenes

anestheticStar Barnes
Essential oils have been used by humans for centuries, dating back even to Ancient Egypt. Research has even shown that they have medicinal properties, but did you know many of those medicinal effects are actually due to terpenes? Many of the terpenes found in essential oils can also be found in hemp, too! 
Terpenes and Their Role in Forest Bathing

Terpenes and Their Role in Forest Bathing

broad spectrumStar Barnes
We all need a hiatus from modern life from time to time, but the benefits of stepping into nature go deeper than just taking a break from urban life. Terpenes may be at the root of the relaxing and healing nature of forests.  

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