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What is CBG?

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Cannabigerol or CBG is a minor cannabinoid that was discovered along with CBD and THC in the 1960s. CBG is a rare cannabinoid, most mature medical cannabis and hemp plants contain less than 1% of CBG. CBG is non-psychoactive. Much like its cannabinoid brother, CBD, it does not produce any effects of euphoria.  As more money goes in to researching cannabinoids, more people have started studying CBG and are seeing promising results of the medical benefits of CBG.  We are just beginning to understand all the potential that CBG has to offer.

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CBG is discovered to be present in varieties of cannabis particularly in budding and immature flowers. This year also was the discovery of an endocannabinoid system in humans that interacted specifically with cannabinoids found in plants.


CBGA (the acidic version of CBG) is isolated in the cannabis plant. Studies show that CBGA is the biological origin of all other cannabinoids in cannabis including THC, CBD, CBN, CBC and THCv. The acidic version of CBG is then nicknamed “The Mother of All Cannabinoids”.


This was the first official study of the effects of CBG. The study focused on the effects of CBG on those suffering from glaucoma. The study saw promising results with intraocular pressure being greatly reduced. They also saw an increase in aqueous flow by two to three times what is was without the CBG treatment.


Despite the promising results of CBG on glaucoma, another study wouldn’t be done on CBG for another 17 years. In 2007, two UK universities conducted two separate studies on CBG. One study focused on CBG’s ability to aid in bone growth. The study concluded that CBG’s positive interaction with the CB2 receptors helped bones grown faster and stronger. The other study looked at the potential for CBG in the treatment of psoriasis. The study focused on CBG’s interaction with our skin. The study concluded that not only did we have an abundance of CB2 receptors on our skin, but that CBG inhibits keratinocyte proliferation making it a possible treatment for psoriasis.


Perhaps due to the promising results of the studies of CBG on psoriasis or due to the interest of CB2 receptors being so present in our skin, a study was conducted on CBG and its potential as a powerful Anti-fungal in treating MRSA. MRSA is generally very hard to treat because it is resistant to most anti-biotics. However, CBG was shown to be highly effective against MRSA.


A review article done in 2009 by a combination of Italian and Israeli research centers, suggested that CBG had a directly positive impact on decreasing the size of tumors and could potentially aid in extending the life of those dealing with cancer. The review concluded that CBG was an anti-proliferative and worked better than other cannabinoids in reducing the size of cancerous tumors.


A research group in Spain focused on curing Huntington’s disease started to consider CBG in their treatments. While the studies that they did were focused on animal trials only, they recommended that CBG be used in a variety of neurological treatments and considered it to be a very powerful for neuroprotection. That same year, another study would conclude that CBG was also a promising treatment for an over-active bladder.   


The most recent study was done just last year. They focused on the effect of CBG on depression and anxiety. Since it is non-psychoactive, those suffering from depression and anxiety wouldn’t feel the paranoia that can sometimes accompany taking high amounts of THC. The study concluded that CBG worked just as well as THC for aiding in the treatment of both depression and anxiety without any of the psychoactive effects. CBG is suggested to be better for anxiety and depression than THC because CBG directly effects the CB2 receptors instead of just the CB1 receptors in your endocannabinoid system.


Where to get CBG?

Small amounts of CBG are available in some of our products already. We use whole plant extraction to preserve an entourage effect of a variety of cannabinoids in our Active CBD Products. The Entourage Effect refers to the potential of health benefits by combining cannabinoids together. 

Isolated CBG - This isolated form is very similar to our 99% Pure CBD Isolate and has the potential to be used in a variety of ways including vaping, topicals and edibles. 


 Do you have a question or comment about CBD, CBG or any of our products? Let us know, and we will respond right away. In the meantime, sign up for our newsletters and visit our website regularly for the latest updates on research, legislation, and other news impacting you and cannabidiol.

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