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Edible marijuana products offer a longer lasting effect than smoking because they must be processed by the digestive system, which takes some time to process the compounds and deliver them to the bloodstream and then on to organs like the liver and brain where they will take effect.
CBD edibles are edibles that contain cannabidiol (CBD) instead of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). They do come from the cannabis plant, but they will not get you high.Edibles are food or drink containing cannabinoids (chemical compounds found in cannabis plants). Edible marijuana products include baked goods, infused oils, candies and beverages. Some edibles can be made using marijuana that has been ground up into a liquid form known as "hash oil".
Many people are interested in the effect of cbd edibles, and they wonder how long the effect of cbd edibles last.CBD effect is different for every person, so the effect will be different for each individual. CBD effect also varies depending on how it is taken: whether eaten or inhaled.Depending on whether you take CBD in the form of vape oil, edible or topical will affect how long you can expect to feel its effect.
Cannabis is a plant that can be used as a psychoactive drug or medicine. The best-known use of cannabis is the part that gets users "high." However, cannabis has been used for centuries as a medicine, and recent research shows more possible medical uses for it.