Relaxation with CBD Bath Bombs

Finding solace during a global pandemic, among everything else this year has brought, can be challenging to say the least. While there are many great tools for relaxation and stress management, a lot of people have found CBD to be an integral part of their self care routine. For many, that is often in the form of a tincture, or a capsule, or even some CBD rich flower. However, I have found the best CBD product to help alleviate stress for myself is CBD bath bombs. 

Personally, when I get stressed I end up carrying a significant amount of tension in my muscles. While it’s mostly focused on my neck and back area, the tension tends to spread into my whole body and cause a lot of pain. Using a topical like a salve on my neck can provide some relief, but I’ve found that getting the whole body effect from a bath bomb is far superior. The CBD bath bombs I use are the Active CBD Oil bath bombs. They contain 40mg of CBD isolate and come in three different scents, lavender, lemon & eucalyptus, and peppermint. I use the lavender most frequently, since it’s such a relaxing scent to me and brings the relief to all my senses. 

While being able to play around with different scents is nice, there may also be an added benefit due to the essential oils used to flavor the bath bombs. Essential oils contain terpenes, and some research indicates that terpenes may provide some benefits even on their own as well as synergistically with CBD. This is awesome to me, as I personally want all the power I can get behind my stress relief. 

I’ve found that with all the different CBD products I’ve tried, taking a bath with a CBD bath bomb is the best mental and physical reset for me. It’s a great opportunity to clear my mind and take in amazing aromas without pain and stress distracting me from the positivity in life. Times are tough right now, but having a tool for stress relief can make a huge difference. 

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